Best Spanish indie game of 2021 goes to Dark Life: Excalibur

Best Spanish indie game of 2021 goes to Dark Life: Excalibur

… And the best Spanish indie game of 2021 goes to… Dark Life: Excalibur!! 

Last night, Sony Interactive Entertainment España (SIE España) hosted the 8th edition of the PlayStation Awards. This is an online awards ceremony where Playstation/Sony shows its support to the local development scene and independent, original, quality-driven games. This year, the main award ‘Best Game of the Year’ went to Dark Life: Excalibur, by developer Zero studios. It’s a 3D action-adventure game where players yield the legendary sword Excalibur in a quest to avenge the main character’s family. Since its very first edition seven years ago, more than 800 studios have opted for the PlayStation Awards.

With this award, the studio gets their very own office at one of the PlayStation Talents Games Camp locations in Spain, where they can develop the project for 10 months. They also get a monetary award of €10.000, PlayStation development kits, mentoring from the PlayStation Spain team, and a marketing campaign as well.

Dark Life: Excalibur also won the Press Award in an event where a handful of other indie games were also highlighted. Here are all the other talented winners:

  • Most Innovative Game: Spatium Inter Nos
  • Best Narrative Award: Neon Blood
  • Best Art Award: Shadow of Babel
  • Best VR Game Award: Hyperstacks
  • Best Soundtrack Award: Steelbound
  • Best Use of DualSense Award: The Occultist
  • Forever Green Special Mention: One Last Breath
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