Beta demo for The Way of Wrath released

Beta demo for The Way of Wrath released

Today, developer Animmal has announced the release of the demo for their upcoming narrative-driven RPG, The Way of Wrath. From today until the 22nd of June, players can play this beta and experience this unique medley of classic turn-based roleplaying, survival, and base management in a world full of myths and dark rituals. The Way of Wrath is born from the love of the developers for old-school RPGs and they made this game to share their unique view of a good game to the world.

The Way of Wrath features an ancient world where gods, curses, and shaman powers reign over the lives of humans. A decade-long war has finally come to a bitter end for the Thein faction. Fleeing for their lives, the tribesmen return to the unforgiving Northern lands to lick their wounds, but a large enemy force will soon follow. To survive, they need to gather their allies, scavenge the lands for supplies, and rebuild their defenses to withstand the enemy attack.

Every decision you make will matter in this game while completing quests and interacting with other NPCs. Each of these NPCs has their own interactive storyline and will be influenced by the player’s choices. The Way of Wrath will come to Steam Early Access this year.

You can watch the official gameplay trailer below and by clicking here, you can get access to the demo for The Way of Wrath via the game’s official Steam page.

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