Bevontule – first look, out on Steam Greenlight

Bevontule – first look, out on Steam Greenlight

Bevontule is a tactical RPG inspired by Japanese RPGs, and is currently in Steam Greenlight. This game is being developed by Multithreaded Games, and is expected to be released in 2018.

The story of Bevontule spans thousands of years, and tells about the troubled continent of Onich which spirals into decay, when an ancient foe reappears amidst the chaos, offering salvation. This story is placed in a massive and beautiful world of war-ravaged nations, inhabited by rebel factions, deadly beasts and far more mysterious and dangerous forces. As a player you can try to stave off the looming calamity… or unwittingly hasten its arrival. Explore expansive plains, aid survivors in ruined towns, delve into caverns, and navigate forbidden ruins – all in the service of discovering the existential threat presently posed to Onich and perhaps humanity itself.

The plot is mature and full of details, and the game world features lots of side-missions and optional bosses and areas. The game has a diverse cast of interesting characters with defined roles but customizable skill-sets. You can also craft and upgrade items using an original, skill-based crafting system.

Bevontule has a tactical, turn-based combat system where proper positioning and timing are critical. You can eventually choose between hundreds of combat skills, bonuses and buffs. Enemies are designed to be challenging: they have good AI and a wide variety of behavior, plus the difficulty of the enemies scales to the players level and skill. Explore multiple enemies to complete your bestiary!

If you want to check out this game already, you can find the Bevontule pre-alpha demo on GameJolt!
You can also find a lot of information on the Bevontule official website and the Bevontule IndieDB page.

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Bevontule - first look, out on Steam Greenlight, 9.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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