Bigben Interactive Force Glass for Nintendo Switch – Accessory Review
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Developer: Bigben Interactive
Publisher: Bigben Interactive
Platform: Switch

Bigben Interactive Force Glass for Nintendo Switch – Accessory Review

Good: Fair price, Sturdy
Bad: Still see fingerprints fairly easily, Makes it harder to insert the Switch in the docking station
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With Nintendo’s Switch slowly picking up momentum, it’s the time that third party brands are starting to develop accessories for the handheld console. We’ve seen a lot of pouches on the market, as well as a few cheaper screen protectors and it seems that Bigben Interactive wants to provide the best screen protector they can offer, for a fairly fair price. We had the chance to try out their Force Glass, which comes with a lifetime warranty, and thus here’s our modest opinion in this short review.

The Force Glass comes in a fancy tin package, to make sure the screen protector is well protected (poor pun) but it also creates a somewhat useless tin in the process after you’ve applied the protector to the screen of your Switch. Nonetheless, the cool package stands out and has something qualitative and badass about it, which will certainly lure in some extra customers. Inside the tin you’ll find the necessary items to apply the protector, such as cleaning alcohol, an antistatic cloth, a dust remover, and of course the protector itself.

Applying the protector is fairly easy if you follow the steps in the added manual, and if you properly clean the screen of your Switch. It’s managable to avoid air bubbles underneath the protector, if you apply it nice and slow, and be sure not to try and fold the protector, as it’s tempered glass, which means it’s pretty much one massive piece of glass you’re applying to your switch. You’ll notice that the protector is thicker, and feels a lot more more sturdy. You’ll still see fingerprints on the protector, even though it’s advertised you won’t see any, but they are wiped off a lot easier, making your Switch look a lot cleaner if you work with the touch screen for a longer period of time.

There is only one downside to the otherwise decent and great protector. Due to the thickness, you’ll have a harder time sliding the console back in the docking station, as it’s clearly made for thinner screen protectors, or none at all. While this is only a small mishap, and we didn’t see any surface scratching when doing this several times in a row, there’s still the small chance it may happen and/or constantly gives you the impression it will occur.


Bigben Interactive’s Force Glass is a very sturdy and qualitative companion for your Switch, especially when you use it a lot on the road, or outside its docking station. The price is rather fair for a tempered glass protector, that is fairly scratch resistant, easy to clean and simply a lot better than an average protector. If you can overcome the slightly annoying feeling when inserting the device in the docking station, this one might be a great companion for on the road.

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Bigben Interactive Force Glass for Nintendo Switch - Accessory Review, 8.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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