“Biggest update since Wastelanders”. Download the Fallout 76 update now!

“Biggest update since Wastelanders”. Download the Fallout 76 update now!

The biggest update to Fallout 76 since Wastelanders is now free to download for all players. Patch 22, once again, heralds balanced battles and rewards for all players in the form of One Wasteland – explore wherever you want, with whoever you want, even if you’re all new to Fallout 76. Patch 22 also marks the start of Season 2: Armor Ace with Legendary Perks for even more build diversity as well as the addition of brand new daily repeatable missions in the form of Daily Ops.

One Wasteland

One Wasteland levels the playing field for all players in the form of rebalanced combat and rewards. Now players of all skill levels can team up, go to any area in Appalachia, always have a balanced combat experience, and receive level rewards. Appalachia is now fully accessible to lower-level players, while veterans can return to previous low-level areas to take on a fresh challenge.

Season 2: Armor Ace

Season 2 also kicks off with Patch 22 and features a new S.C.O.R.E. board with brand new rewards. In Season 2, players will join the true American champion, Armor Ace, and his patriotic Power Patrol on their way to global freedom to defeat the Subjugator! As with The Legendary Run, all players can participate for free in Armor Ace which includes 100 available ranks and brand new rewards, including:

  • Greenhouse wall and ceiling set
  • Subjugator Outfit
  • Unique Power Patrol power armor set
  • Much more!
  • Legendary Perks

From level 50, players can now unlock Legendary Perk slots. Each Legendary Perk has four ranks that are unlocked by scraping unwanted Perk cards. Check out some of the Legendary Perks included in the update:

  • Brawling Chemist – Automatically generate powerful combat-enhancing chem at regular intervals
  • Collateral Damage – Enemies killed with a melee weapon have the chance to explode
  • Reboot – Chance to automatically revive with full health when you die in Power Armor
  • Daily Ops

Players can get even more out of their dungeon runs with Daily Ops, a new system that adds replayability to dungeons. With Daily Ops, players can jump into one of Appalachia’s dungeons and fight challenging waves of random enemies as they complete a series of objectives. In addition to random enemies and targets, the enemies they face will also have their own unique twists. A new Enemy Mutation system gives each enemy a “superpower” that forces players to instantly adjust their strategy and tactics.

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