Biggest update yet released for Bartlow’s Dread Machine

Biggest update yet released for Bartlow’s Dread Machine

Today, Tribetoy and Beep Games, Inc have announced the release of the biggest update yet for their arcade twin-stick shooter game, Bartlow’s Dread Machine. This update is available as of today.

This update adds a lot of improvements to the game in terms of quality of life. These vary from switching characters between levels to changing the difficulty mid-game. The difficulties in this game have also been rebalanced for an even better player experience. They’ve also added the ability to start a fresh new game file without all your existing upgrades to start the adventure fresh with a friend, which makes it even more accessible to be played with every guest you get at home.

Bartlow’s Dread Machine features six worlds, over 50 guns and many outfits to customize your character to fit your own playing style. You can unlock unique spins on historical characters like Nikola Tesla and Annie Oakley. The game also features a drop-in/drop-out couch co-op that has per-player difficulty, meaning each player can set their own difficulty to suit their skills.

To find out more about Bartlow’s Dread Machine, you can check out the game’s Launch trailer below.

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