Bikinis, blood, and zombies galore! “Onee Chanbara Origin” is out NOW for PlayStation 4 and PC!

Bikinis, blood, and zombies galore! “Onee Chanbara Origin” is out NOW for PlayStation 4 and PC!

Onee Chanbara Origin” follows the zombie-hunters Aya and Saki’s fate as they attempt to destroy one another, leading directly into the second entries in the series, “The Onechanbara 2.” After the sisters overcome their rivalry, they ally themselves to embark on a journey to find their father, Oboro, after he leaves behind a message that names “Eva” as the mastermind behind his wife’s death – as well as all of the chaos that ensued between the two sisters, including the vice that made Saki insane and hell-bent on avenging her mother. Little do they know they are coming even closer to the truth and their true enemy.

Play as a zombie hunter and battle through the stages with high-speed real-time swordplay, completing objectives and tasks while hacking and brawling through hordes of the undead. Each character’s weapons become progressively covered in blood as players fight off zombies in gruesome detail. Occasionally, players may even transform into demons for short bursts of added power and energy with the downside of losing life energy. Each zombie hunter has her own unique abilities and skillful play is rewarded for cooler combinations. Players can enjoy the game with full English voice-acting or play through with the original Japanese performances with English subtitles.

Onee Chanbara Origin” key features include: 

  • Battle between sisters: play as both Aya and Saki, each with their own unique weapons and abilities, and players can tag-team between them on the fly or even perform team combos to maximize zombie annihilation. 
  • Fight the undead: slash and brawl your way through bloody hordes of mutated madmen zombies, policeman zombies with handguns, soldiers resurrected as zombies and zombie bosses. 
  • Tons of customization and replayability: watch as the sisters fight their way in newly found sexy battle attires against the hordes of the undead. 
  • Combo in style: strike enemies with precise button presses that will link attacks into a “Cool Combination,” emitting a blueish glow that increases movement speed and power, along with other buffs such as gaming access to an extra attack sequence during a combo.
  • Go Berserk Mode: both Aya and Saki can enter Berserk Mode by getting blood splatters on them from the zombies they kill to “corrupt” their bodies, gaining an immense boost in attack power, allowing them to hack-and-slash their way through hordes of enemies with ease. 
  • Become a Beast in Trance Mode: maintaining Berserk Mode gives players the chance to then transform into a demon in Trance mode – a short burst of immense power and speed beyond Berserk Mode, but at the cost of life energy.

The reimagined English HD re-release of this Japanese high-speed action hack ‘n slash zombie slayer game, “Onee Chanbara Origin” is available TODAY for the PlayStation 4 and Steam. Watch the exciting launch trailer on right down here:

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