Bio Inc. Redemption – New content available

Bio Inc. Redemption – New content available

An update in the early access game Bio Inc. Redemption has arrived. The update adds a bunch of new things including, for example, a brand new sandbox mode, new Easter egg patients, and the unprotected sex roulette.

In Bio Inc. Redemption there are two campaigns available, one where the doctors try to infect a healthy patient with more and more crippling diseases: this is the death campaign. In the other one, Doctors try their hardest to save the patients: this is the live campaign. There are 18 cases with over 600 real medical conditions.

In the sandbox mode players are able to create and edit stages and scenario’s, providing them with the tools used by the developers. In a future update, there will be the ability to save and share scenario’s available through the Steam workshop. The mode is already available because DryGin wants to give doctors the chance to design their own challenges now with the Bio Inc. engine.

By naming patients after famous people, like for example Donald Trump, you can unlock them as they are included as Easter eggs. In this update, they introduced several new Easter egg patients including: Vladimir Putin, Barrack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Emmanuel Jean-Michel Frédéric Macron, Jesus, Hitler, and Kim Jong Un.

The first and only entry enjoyed by more than 15 million in Bio Inc., returns: the unprotected sex roulette. Doctors are able to put their patients in the hands of fate by spinning the wheel. What STD will they contract?



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