Bitcoin Games – Top and Ranked

Games involving cryptocurrency have always been a hit among blockchain enthusiasts. While most games have typically used Ethereum, Bitcoin games have been gaining popularity due to BTC blockchain’s unique characteristics. Following the 2021 bull run, the industry became mainstream, leading to an influx of crypto gaming projects in various genres. Despite the current bear market, the number of projects in this field keeps growing.

However, the numerous options available can make it challenging to find exciting and fundamentally robust projects in crypto gaming. This guide aims to aid players in identifying the top five titles that position themselves as promising crypto projects in terms of creativity, gameplay, and in-game P2E mechanics. Check out the top five games ranked below, along with their reviews.

1. Bitcoin Poker

  • Cost: Free to play
  • Developer: Varies
  • Genre: Gambling
  • Pros: Decentralization, anonymity, faster and more efficient gameplay
  • Cons: High volatility, limited availability

Bitcoin Poker is a dope online poker game that uses BTC as the mula. It’s kind of like regular poker, but with some sick twists that make it stand out. For one, it’s totally decentralized thanks to blockchain tech. No big shots are in charge here, so players can do their thing without anyone getting up in their grill.

Plus, since Bitcoin transactions don’t require any personal deets, players of Bitcoin Poker can throw down anonymously. This is perfect for gamers who don’t want anyone all up in their biz.

Bitcoin Poker is available on a bunch of online casinos, and there are a bunch of different versions of the game to choose from. Thus, Ignition’s bitcoin poker has got Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Seven-Card Stud, and more. Each version has its own rules and tricks, so players can find the one that suits them best.

2. Spells of Genesis

  • Cost: Free to play, fee for minting
  • Developer: EverdreamSoft
  • Genre: Pub game
  • Release: 2017
  • Pros: Reintroduced blockchainization
  • Cons: Limited minting (three per month)

SoG by EverdreamSoft is a real winner among bitcoin games. It’s totally one-of-a-kind, merging brick-busting and collectible card games, and is a real pioneer of the Bitcoin Blockchain economy during tough times. You can even sit on BTC cards that you can outright sell for cash!


SoG is nothing like those old-school card-collecting games where you grab cards from a deck and hit monsters and soldiers to drain your enemy’s life points. No way – in SoG, you’re slinging your cards to throw punches or cast wicked spells like whipping up a firestorm to obliterate your opponent!

3. Satoshi Dice

  • Cost: Free to play
  • Developer: Erik Voorhees
  • Genre: Card game
  • Pros: Simple gameplay, no account required, barcode address
  • Cons: Somewhat limited variations

Satoshi Dice is a kick-ass gaming hub solely for those Bitcoin ballers who are down to roll the dice. The most lit feature of this joint is the guarantee of pimpin’ payouts that exceed your initial bet. This game is legit and the bets are verified with a Provably Fair algorithm.

Satoshi Dice keeps things easy with no BS registration or account setup required. To start scoring some wins, all you need is to scan a barcode and transfer your BTC moolah to the designated addy.

4. CropBytes

  • Cost: In-game assets
  • Developer: CropBytes
  • Genre: Farm game
  • Release: 2022
  • Pros: A great variety of pro animals, ability to reinvest your earnings
  • Cons: a week to try out the goods for nothing, and you’ll get in trouble if you slack on keeping your critters fed for even one day

CropBytes is an innovative and exciting way to experience the world of agriculture and cryptocurrency. If you are a fan of online farming titles, this is definitely worth checking out.

Here, you’re gonna be a farmer, trader, or investor, and hustle to grow your farming business and stack that crypto every day. First things first, you gotta sign up as a player. Then, you gotta plant and pick your crops, feed your animals, and get that milk and cheese.

When you have enough goods, you can hit the market and make trades or sales for your crypto cash. But forreal, the dopest part is you can put that money back into your farm and keep things growing steady. That’s how you build and plan for the future.

5. Merge Cats

  • Cost: In-game assets
  • Developer: Boogy Games Studios
  • Genre: Animal game
  • Release: 2022
  • Pros: Offline earnings available
  • Cons: 7 days of free trial assets, get in trouble if you skip a day of feeding your animals

We have another crypto game on our list called Merge Cats which is centered around animals. If you’re an avid fan of earning cryptocurrencies with minimal effort, then you should definitely try it out. The rules are easy: purchase cats using in-game currency (not real money) and watch them speed around the track.

For each cat that finishes the race, you obtain coins. These coins are referred to as Soul, which can be traded on major exchanges such as Mercatox and Uniswap. If you want to vary your investments, Soul can also be swapped for BTC or ETH. The number of cats you buy corresponds with the level you are on, and is only limited to how many can be accommodated on the track.

Therefore, in order to make room for more cats, just merge cats from the same level to create higher-level cats that’re faster and earn you more money.

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