Black Desert – A mysterious new class is coming

Black Desert – A mysterious new class is coming

Pearl Abyss and Black Desert will be adding their new female class to the game; the mystic. She will be available first in the Korean regions, and soon afterwards in all other regions. More information about the new character is to be announced later this week.

For the rest of 2017, Pearl Abyss is promising an entire lineup of exciting updates and expansions, as exampled by the Striker class and its awakening, the new Shultz guard station, and the Terrmian festival, Black Desert is all about giving the players exciting new content to explore. On the list of coming features are more world bosses, the vast Kamasylvia Expansion, Co-op Horde modes, new siege war stuff and an entirely new PvP arena.

Look forward to playing the new class in Q4 all across Europe and the Americas.

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