Black Desert launches Blue Maned Lion’s Manor content

Black Desert launches Blue Maned Lion’s Manor content

Today, Pearl Abyss’ open-world MMORPG Black Desert launches its long-awaited enhanced housing content, Blue Maned Lion’s Manor. The Mansion content will be updated today, after this week’s regular maintenance. 

Adventurers now have great freedom in applying their vision and decorating their large residence and garden in their preferred style. There is a plenty of decorative items to choose from, such as flowers, trees, and manor-exclusive furniture and lighting that keeps the mansion looking beautiful at night. Adventurers can also create their own furniture through crafting with materials they can gain from completing certain quests.

The mansion is located between Heidel and the Eastern Border to ensure it is visible to as many Adventurers as possible. To enter, players are required to have 5 Contribution Points and need to complete a prerequisite quest in order to rent the mansion. A daily rental fee must be paid, but players can receive a discount depending on the number of days they rent the manor.  

To celebrate the new content, players can look forward to a new hot-time event granting players with a 50% higher item drop rate from defeated monsters and also giving adventurers 300% additional combat EXP and 50% skill EXP. 

Additionally, new attendance rewards will give Adventurers €70 worth of in-game items, including 200 cron stones which are highly valuable enhancement materials.

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