Black Desert Online coming to Next-Gen consoles

Black Desert Online coming to Next-Gen consoles

Today, Pearl Abyss has announced that Black Desert Online -as part of the game’s roadmap- will receive next-gen console support for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S in the future. Alongside this announcement, they also announced that Black Desert Online’s new Season Plus server is now available for PC players and will be coming for console players on October 13.

This new season will offer some new benefits for players to help them grow their Adventurers more efficiently. On the Season servers, adventurers will level up more quickly, and players can complete their Season Pass and Black Spirit Pass, which will award them with Weapon Exchange coupons. Also, enhancement chances have been greatly improved for Tuvala gear and accessories and additional rewards will be earned by completing main quests.

New players on PC can earn a free Black Desert Online Novice Edition by playing the free trial and leveling one of their characters to level 50. To make this easier, the 7-day free trial will be extended to fourteen days from September the 15th to October the 6th. Players who make it to level 56 will automatically participate in a raffle that can award one of 200 available Legendary Bundles. For more info on the raffle, check out the dedicated page here.

Lastly, Pearl Abyss also revealed the Q4 roadmap through a developer note, which can be found here.

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