Black Desert Online gets new classes

Black Desert Online gets new classes

Kakao Games Europe B.V. just added 2 new classes to their MMORPG Black Desert Online. Starting today you can play as a Wizard or a Witch on top of the 10 already existing classes. These 2 new classes will be the final classes that get added to the game. Both classes use powerful offensive spells and are able to summon allies on the battlefield. While they are calling down meteors or starting a blizzard they are wide open to be counter attacked though.

The Wizard has the Aad Sphera as weapon and. He is able to summon Keeper Marg, a fire elemental, and Keep Arne, a water elemental. These elemental protect the Wizard especially against sneaking enemies. The Witch can summon the lightning elemental Keeper Tett and the earth elemental Keeper Gor. Together with her stone wall spell they add a massive defense while the Witch uses offensive spells.

Black Desert Online has holiday sales right now too. In those sales you can get a free seven-day trial, 50% discount on game passes, and festive costume set. The sales will end January 4, 2017.

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