Black Desert Online launches Atoraxxion Dungeon Act II “Scars of the Abyss”

Black Desert Online launches Atoraxxion Dungeon Act II “Scars of the Abyss”

Today, South Korean video game developer and publisher Pearl Abyss has added the second Dungeon Act “Scars of the Abyss” to Black Desert Online Atoraxxion. This content is most exciting to players who are looking forward to a new cooperative PvE challenge.

The Atoraxxion co-op dungeon was specially developed to introduce new PvE challenges in the popular MMORPG. It is the first dungeon in Black Desert to focus on co-op play for groups of 5 players. The dungeon will be added to the game in four parts and each has its own theme: desert, underwater, canyon, and forest.

“The Scars of the Abyss” section of Atorraxion is based on an underwater theme and features puzzles that require the use of heat and cold to solve them. The setting is very different from the first “Vahmalkea” part and contains a new story and lore about Syca, the second disciple of the ancient sage “Rux”. More difficult than the first part, Sycrakea is riddled with challenging enemies, mind-blowing puzzles, and a boss battle with a massive boss that is sure to put any team to the test.

The dungeon comes with two levels of difficulty. For teams that successfully overcome the Sycrakea challenges, can look forward to valuable rewards. Through November 20, players can receive Sycrakea themed furniture and through November 3 by claiming the following coupon code ATOR-AXXI-ONPA-RTII for a Talibre’s Tear, a key item that provides access to the Atoraxxion dungeon.

Next week, Black Desert will also get new Halloween content with a unique Steampunk vibe. It’s about a mad scientist called Marnie who has left many dangerous inventions and experiments behind in the world of Black Desert, each more dangerous than the next. More information about this Halloween content will follow next week.

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