Black Desert Online – New Archer class & expansion will be showcased at Twitchcon!

Black Desert Online – New Archer class & expansion will be showcased at Twitchcon!

Black Desert Online will showcase its brand new Archer class for the very first time at TwitchCon 2018. TwitchCon takes place between the 26th and 28th of October 2018, at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center in the US.

If you vist the Black Desert Online Booth (#808), you’ll be able to check out the new Archer class, and also experience the brand new Drieghan expansion which is set to launch on November 14. All of this brand new content will be playable on 46 high-end Alienware Aurora PCs!

The Archer is a ranged DPS class, using his Crossbow for his stylish ranged attack and skill combos. He uses various different magic skills that assist him in combat by upsetting the opponents’ balance, and wreaking havoc upon whoever stands in his way by bombarding arrows with his Crossbow from afar.

The new expansion will feature a huge new mountainous area named Drieghan, also known as the land of dragons and the ancestral home of dwarves. The expansion will offer new story content, over 300 quests, fresh nodes to conquer, and great challenges. Players will be able to travel to Duvencrune, the capital of Drieghan which shows a variety of environments of an alpine region. New monster areas such as ‘Sherekhan’s Grave, ‘Blood Wolf Town’, ‘Tshira Ruins’ will be released as well as the new dragon world boss, Garmoth, the Crimson Dragon. Players can also look forward to the Dragon Slayer, a brand new powerful craftable weapon which nearly matches the “Dandelion” weapon.

If you are able to attend the Twitchcon event, you’ll be given a free game key with a value of $9.99. But even if you can’t visit, you can always watch the stream! The full event live stream schedule features the Official Black Desert Online Guild 3v3 Tournament Final, and amazing giveaways! There’s a ton of fun planned for the streams, featuring partnered streamers such as GoodVibes Guy and Dr. Positive, Morrolan TV, and AionJanis. Other content will include exclusive developer interviews, cosplay panels and exclusive item giveaways for everyone who is watching the live stream on Black Desert Online’s official Twitch channel.

Black Desert Online is a Korean MMO RPG, developed by Pearl Abyss and published by Kakao Games. It is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

For more information, visit the special TwitchCon page on the website of Black Desert Online!


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