Black Desert Online – Remaster update brings old and new players to the game

Black Desert Online – Remaster update brings old and new players to the game

Since Black Desert Online got a remastering update it has attracted a whole lot of new players and old players alike, to play the game (again). This was discovered by the developer and publishers of the game: Pearl Abyss and Kakao Games.

Minsung Kim, CEO at Kakao Games Europe B.V. commented: “Pearl Abyss has done a fantastic job on Black Desert Remastered. The game was already had the best in-game visuals, but with Black Desert Remastered, the developers have really pushed the envelope. It is no wonder that so many players are returning to the game.”

Black Desert Online got updated last week. The update included enhanced visuals and a new recorded orchestral score to provide a better immersive in-game experience. With this update, the results were astonishing with a week-over-week average increase of 103.6% returning players and an increase of 24.4% of new players across NA/EU regions. The remaster clearly spiked a new interest in the game.

“We are ecstatic after seeing that our hard work on Black Desert Remastered has been so positively perceived by the community at large. The heart-warming reactions have definitely been a morale booster. We want to thank our players all over the world for playing our game,” said Jae Hee Kim, Executive Producer at Pearl Abyss. “We are highly motivated to keep the game current and up-to-date by continuing to develop exciting new content while striving for continuous improvements and optimizations.”

At this moment the recently announced Drieghan expansion is being worked on by Pearl Abyss. The Expansion is believed to arrive for the Western service later this year.

Black Desert Online is now available on Steam for PC.

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