Black Desert Online reveals their upcoming content roadmap

Black Desert Online reveals their upcoming content roadmap

During the Heidel Ball community event that took place the previous weekend, developers Pearl Abyss revealed what they are calling a ‘content roadmap’. In short, it’s just a small showcase of content that their game Black Desert Online will see added to it over the coming months. Most notable is Abyss One: Magnus and The Land of the Morning Light. Both of these are new locations in the game which will introduce a whole collection of items, missions, and gameplay that the game hasn’t seen before. You can see the trailers for these two worlds down below. Additionally, they announced a third co-op dungeon named Atoraxxion: Yolunakea. To celebrate the announcement, the devs shared two coupon codes to use in-game, for players to redeem and get free items:

  • MEMO-RIES-TOGE-THER (exchange to get J’s Hammer of Loyalty, Advice of Valks, 2000 Cron Stones, and more)
  • HEID-ELBA-LL20-2209 (exchange to get a Secret Scroll of Pure Equilibrium)

Be sure to cash those in before December 6th if you’re interested!

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