Blade & Soul announced

Blade & Soul announced

NCSOFT® announced a new martial arts MMO, set in an Asian mythological world. The game has been out in Asia since 2012 and knows an incredibly player base in the regions over there.

You can expect a deep and challenging storyline and a vibrant world full of others players. The basic narrative is about your character who is on a quest to avenge the death of his or her former master.

Blade & Soul offers an incredible fighting system with the possibility to chain moves together and create a combo. The party system also lets you choose your own team members and what’s even more pleasant is that nobody is forced to play the rather non-aggressive healer. The game doesn’t stop at just combat because a lot of exploration options are also included like the ability to fly anywhere you want and the fact that your character can jump over mountains!

If you want to have a look at the game, I’d suggest watching the upcoming livestream on Twitch tomorrow May 21 at 19h GMT +1.

Further, you can subscribe to the newsletter through the website and have a chance at being chosen for the closed beta which will start somewhere in Autumn 2015.

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