Blade & Soul: Legacy of the Hongmoon Clan live today

Blade & Soul: Legacy of the Hongmoon Clan live today

A new update to Blade & Soul has gone live today called Legacy of the Hongmoon Clan. This update adds a lot of changes to the game.

Firstly, this update raises the character level cap to 60. Players who have reached level 55 will get access to the Awakening quest called Legacy of the Hongmoon Clan. After completion, this will unlock the new Talent System where players can customize their specialization even further and a new powerful skill will unlock after reaching level 60.

A new storyline called the Temple of Succession has been added where the villainous Dowager Tayhu continues her corrupt plans for power. In pursuing this agent of evil, you’ll enter Moon Refuge Island, a new land to explore full of wild beasts.

The popular Battle Royale PvP mode gets a change as players will now enter the Shackled Isles PvP ground, a new area to play in. this will be up for a limited time. Furthermore, this update offers lots of balancing and quality of life changes, new systems that allow players to benefit from their collections and much more.

On the official website of Blade & Soul, you can get more detailed information on what changes this new update brings, click here to enter the website.

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Commemorating this new update, a new trailer has been released, check it out below.

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