BLADE XLORD launches in the United States and Canada after success in Japan

BLADE XLORD launches in the United States and Canada after success in Japan

The team of Final Fantasy grandmasters at Applibot bring BLADE XLORD, the story-driven, hero-collecting RPG with over 10 million downloads in Japan, is now available on iOS and Android devices with an official launch, for the United States and Canada.

Made together with an esteemed group of ability from RPG classics, the development team features Project Lead Hisatoshi Hayakashi (Executive Producer of Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius, Director of Last Cloudia), Lead Artist Yukio Nakatani (Effects Artist on Chrono Trigger, Environmental Artist on Final Fantasy VII) and Writer Mitsuo Iwao (Director of Star Ocean: The Last Hope).

Heroes Ryde and Meryl have been framed for treason, when evil forces led by the wicked Quo Vadis, invade the Languin Kingdom, destroying the castle and the land in which it resides. Ryde and Meryl then set on a journey to redeem themselves, recruit allies as the last remnants of the Alabaster Knights to defeat Quo Vadis and protect the world from his swarm of monsters.

Gather a strong army from a list of 32 character classes and 64 weapons. Take on 18 fierce bosses at launch and expect more intense fights to come in the future, as the developers have planned. Make use of the freedom on the battlefield, giving you the player, the decision to manually control heroes in battle or feel confident in Blade Xlord’s apt auto-battling mode to take on enemies in battle. 

There are Ranking Events to take on your rivals and to ultimately rise in the 10 of the most powerful units to earn the title of Decaknight while enjoying the rewards with the progress made. Battling it out in 3D environments and character models making the scenes intense and exciting.

“BLADE XLORD’s goal is to provide something for everyone: an emotional high fantasy story for RPG fans, idle options for the busiest among us, and challenges for our most competitive players,” said Kazunari Ebihara, Producer (Overseas Markets), Applibot. “Our Japanese fans have enjoyed this combination, and we are confident our new fans in the United States and Canada will become hooked as well.”

BLADE XLORD is now available as a free download, in the United States and Canada, on the App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android, with English language text support and Japanese voice acting. Check out the trailer below.

For more information, visit the official BLADE XLORD website, follow the game on Twitter, and like the official Facebook page.

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