Blades of Time launches on Switch today

Blades of Time launches on Switch today

Gaijin Entertainment has announced the release of their new classic Hack and Slash game Blades of Time on Nintendo Switch. It features everything the original offered. The treasure huntress Ayumi clashes with hordes of monsters using swords, fire-arms, magic and time-warping abilities. The combat system has been updated to take advantage of the Switch’s intuitive controls.

It will also feature the favored Hard Mode for the fans. Previously, this was only available in the PlayStation 3 version after completing the main game. On the Switch, it will be available right from the start. Enemies will be harder to kill, deal more damage and utilize new tactics and skills compared to the original game mode to offer even more challenge to players.

This game utilizes the Dagor Engine, Gaijin Entertainment’s own technology. This also supports the cross-platform Vulkan API to make sure that both the visual quality and FPS rate will stay high, even on a mobile device. Ayumi’s time-warping ability results in several clones of the character existing and acting simultaneously in the same scene.

Blades of Time is now available in the Nintendo eShop worldwide. Below you can check out the announcement trailer of this game.

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