Blast from the past: Speed duel SD – Ultimate predators


For those new to the Yu-gi-oh! TCG, it is often overwhelming to know all the rules and interactions. Ritual-monsters? Fusion-monsters? Synchro-monsters? What are Xyz monsters? Pendulum …what? Do quick-play spell cards need to be played quickly? And don’t get me started on all the rules and interactions, that despite PSCT, are still not crystal-clear to a large part of the community.

This is where speed dueling makes its entrance. It’s a format, that is arguably a simplified version of the normal game, meant to help aspiring duelists to learn the basics.

Notable differences are:

  1. 4000 LP instead of 8000
  2. 20 to 30 cards in the main deck instead of 40 to 60
  3. Up to 5 extra deck cards instead of up to 15
  4. Respectively 3 monster and spell/trap card zones instead of the usual 5 each.
  5. 4 cards in your starting hand instead of 5
  6. There is no Main Phase 2.

It also introduces a new type of card: Skill cards. These are cards that are unique in speed dueling and can only be used during one.
These are basically cards inspired by the respective character the deck belongs to.


But now to the meat and bone of this article: SD: Ultimate Predators

Remember those two annoying brats in the anime? Rex and weevil? Yeah, those were d*cks, but if you ever wanted to play their decks here is your chance!

The decks aren’t complex and don’t include any meta-breaking cards, that would defy the purpose of speed duels. But, like previously mentioned, these decks are catered to beginning duelists. Both decks include iconic (back in the day) cards (man-eater bug I’m looking at you) for all those who buy these decks for nostalgia.

The included skill cards aren’t bad. I in particular am very fond of “Hyper Metamorphosis”; it lets you special summon “Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth”. That being said, the monster itself is nothing to write home about. So why do I like it you ask? It was one of the secret rare promos from the “sacred cards” Game Boy Advance game and boy, I spent a lot of time on that game.

From a game perspective, and I don’t pretend to be well-versed in speed duels but in a simplified game, a 3500 ATK monster could very well mean the end of the game.

Final words

As a more experienced duelist, I’m personally not inclined to delve into speed duels. Of course, I’m glad that there is an option for younger players to experience the game that I have spent so many wonderful moments with. Even though the anime was subpar at best, it’s fun to be finally able to nerd out as one of your favorite characters.

These decks are sure to be fun for starters and casual-players alike. Who knows, maybe I’ll see you on the tournament field one of these days and perhaps you’ll tell me that this is how you got into Yu-Gi-Oh!. Until then!

The ultimate predator card list (click here).

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