Blazing Core open Beta starts September 7th 2018

Blazing Core open Beta starts September 7th 2018

Blazing Core – Knights of the Future will enter open Beta on September 7th 2018. After a successful Alpha, gamers from all over the globe are invited to experience the tactical Mech marvel.

The game fuses tradition and futurism as players take on the role of Mechs as they face off in tactical 3vs3 battles in a world contrasting between space age technology and feudal institutions of the past. The giant robot knights are poised to battle, where each has its own set of unique skills and personality.

When going into battle, players have to work together to control their Mechs to glory. Each decision, from choice of character to tactics used on the battlefield, can make the difference.

The game features extensive customisation options and, as players progress, new weapons and upgrades will be unlocked for their Mech to gain more advantage in all the skirmish. Two game modes will be available in the Beta: a series of rounds to capture the enemy base by destroying opposing Mechs as well as a capture and protect mode.

From September 7th 2018 gamers will be able to fulfil their hero’s destiny in Blazing Core – Knights of the Future.

To sign-up to the Open Beta visit the official site here.

The Beta will be available on Steam here from September 7th 2018.

Watch a trailer of the game here:

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