Blazing Core- Preview
Follow Genre: Multiplayer Mech shooter
Developer: OctoBox Interactive
Publisher: OctoBox Interactive
Platforms: PC
Tested on: PC

Blazing Core- Preview

Good: fully customizable mechs
Bad: small amount of players at the moment
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Giant battle machines equipped with heavy firepower are awesome. For their pilots, these mechs can be their armor, weapon and even their noble steed. In Blazing Core, you can fight with friends against others in this new multiplayer shooter. These mechs are driven by a core of pulsing energy that provides power to the mech and its weapons. Overcome your enemies by working together as a team. Protect each other and work together to obliterate your enemies.

Blazing Core doesn’t seem to have a story mode or even something story-related. Blazing Core is about online multiplayer PvP Matches. It’s all about working as a team to overcome your opponents. By using teamwork you need to take advantage of your surroundings and use your mech’s abilities to outsmart the enemy mech team.

The mechs in Blazing Core look amazing. They all have detailed textures and unique styles that match their purpose on the battlefield. You can customize each mech to match your taste. The surroundings on the battlefield look very good as well. The buildings look detailed enough from the mech point of view. For a game in the beta stage of development, the game looks awesome.

The music in the menu screen is calm with a light tad of drum and bass. The sound effects for the projectiles all sound correct. On the battlefield you won’t hear any music. So there’s not a lot of music present in this game but this doesn’t bother your gameplay. On the battlefield, you’ll mostly hear the sound of combat and not much more.

Blazing Core is an online multiplayer Mech-shooter. In Blazing Core, you’ll control a mech alongside your team members and your objective is to obliterate the opposing team’s mechs or capturing the objectives before they do.

At the moment, there are six different mechs available for you to choose from. These are all unique mechs that have their own roles on the battlefield. The six mechs are:

  • Cordelia: a more supportive mech that has a drone flying with it that can boost your allies and attack your enemies.
  • Gregor: this is a more defensive mech that has s big shield that ignores a lot of damage. In close range, it can deal a lot of damage with its close range weapons.
  • Kara: a light-footed mech that has a lot of crowd control with its quick movement and fast damage dealing attacks.
  • Martinus: this mech is a long-range unit that likes to stay at long range to rampage on its enemies with rockets and mortars.
  • Ventum: this is a very agile scout mech that can increase the damage dealt by you and your team against enemy mechs and it can jump over mechs and buildings to scout the enemy or make a quick retreat.
  • Warmaster: this is a slow heavy damage dealing mech that has very powerful weapons at its command. It’s not very fast and its weapons have long cooldowns so you need to guarantee your hits for maximum efficiency.

The game lacks an intro or tutorial to learn how to control the mechs, however, there is a training mode available in which you can learn to use each mech and its weapons on your own. In this mode, inanimate enemies will be lined up for you to wreck them with the weapons available in your chosen mech. This way you can learn how to use each mech’s weapons efficiently at your own pace.

There are three other modes available to choose from. The first mode is a battle against AI-controlled mechs to master the mechs in the middle of combat. This mode won’t give you rewards and is just intended for you to test your skills on the battlefield. These opponents can be tough to win against because they know what they’re doing and you won’t at the start. If you’ve won your fair share of battles against these bots, you’ll be ready to test your mettle against other players.

The second mode is Quick Play, the regular PvP mode against other players. This mode has two variants: a 3v3-mode and a 6v6-mode. Unfortunately, at the current stage of development, we noticed that not many players are playing the game. This mostly results in the fact that you can’t play against other players because there simply are not enough to start a match. If you’re lucky enough to find one other player, the game can be started with the rest of the team filled in by bots. Tournament mode is the third and final game mode. Unfortunately we couldn’t play this game mode yet because it’s currently unavailable. All this results in the only thing you can do at the moment is fighting against bots and this won’t give you any rewards.

After playing a match against other players, you’ll earn experience and crowns. Crowns are the in-game currency and can be spent to acquire cosmetics for your mechs and drones. You’ll start with 5000 crowns when you first start the game. A simple pattern for your mech will cost you about 65,000 crowns and skins for your mechs will cost over 200,000 crowns. To gather this much of crowns, you’ll need to play a lot of matches in Quick Play to earn enough crowns, something that is hard to do when few people are playing the game.

After playing some matches, we noticed that teamwork is a very important key to success. On your own, you won’t deal a lot of damage and you will be destroyed easily in a matter of seconds. But if you can team up with one of your allies, the damage output increases a lot. For someone just starting to play, it can be very frustrating as you’ll die in a matter of seconds if you don’t know what you’re doing, especially against bots.

The game sometimes has issues with the mouse. It will randomly disappear and you’ll only see where it is when you hover above buttons that light up. It won’t reappear and currently our only fix was to reboot the game.


Blazing Core is a multiplayer mech shooter that is still in beta on Early Access. This is highly noticeable in the amount of players playing the game. Also teamwork is essential to overcome your opponents so communicating with your allies is recommended. Each mech has its own playing style and takes a while to get used to. If you’ve mastered your mech you can try to take on bots or other players if you’re lucky enough to find them at this point. The mechs are fully customizable with skins and weapons but you need to grind a lot of crowns to buy them which is fairly impossible to do at the moment. This game has got a lot of potential in the future when the game and its player base get expanded.

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Rating: 7.3/10 (3 votes cast)
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Blazing Core- Preview, 7.3 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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