Blob From Space – Preview
Follow Genre: Indie, Platformer
Developer: JosPlays
Publisher: KISS ltd
Platform: PC

Blob From Space – Preview

Good: has a lot of potential, unique transform mechanic
Bad: the blob is always centered which makes the camera a bit annoying, controller layout could be better
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2D Platformers are supposed to be relaxing and for casual gamers, but once in a while you come across one that tries to push your buttons as much as it can. Blob From Space is one of them, it will test your patience and endurance in this unforgiving game where you only have 3 lives to complete all the levels. Luckily, you get some help!

blob from space

Blob From Space is a game that might look like a simple platformer at first, but don’t be deceived as you’ll die over and over again until the point you don’t want to play any more. You could compare it to “Cat Mario” or “I wanna be the guy”, but this game has a unique spin to it.

First of all you’ll be playing the tutorial which explains the basics of the game. You have simple directional keys, a use key, jump key and transform key. The transform key is what makes this game unique. Instead of killing monsters, you can become one of them! This will allow you to fly, shrink yourself and even break some walls.

Blob From Space

The game currently has very few levels but they’re quite interesting to say the least. Levels can be completed by activating a switch and then going to the corresponding teleporter but it’s not as easy as it sounds! Why? You only get 3 lives to do so! The whole game is played through with only 3 lives and losing them all means starting from scratch again! But don’t worry: if you want to take a more casual approach, you can write down a cheat code at the beginning of each screen or level to start back where you last failed. The cheat codes have to be manually typed in a console in the main menu, but this is changing soon because the developer will replace it with a more simple level select screen.

Progressing through the levels isn’t as simple as running and jumping. You’ll face many obstacles which will require you to use your transform ability. Sometimes you’ll have to try and fly your way through a confined space with a lot of spikes and other times you’ll have to shrink yourself to get through small tunnels. Most of the obstacles can easily be avoided, but the game has a couple of treats hidden for you throughout the levels.

Each level has some items you can pick up for points (which don’t have any use at the moment, but maybe a leaderboard with times/score will be implemented?). You don’t necessarily have to pick up all the items, but if you finish the game once you might as well go back and get all of them! Some levels even have hidden hats and Easter Eggs.


Blob From Space is currently very small (about 20 minutes) and isn’t something everyone will be waiting to buy, but with the right amount of love and innovative ideas it will surely become an interesting platformer. It’s also still in early access, so there are constantly changes being made. The developer is currently even working on a wall-bounce mechanic, allowing for even more difficult level design and precarious jumping.

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