Blood Bowl 3 release date announced

Blood Bowl 3 release date announced

Sports fans better read carefully, the craziest, a most spectacular and brutal sports game is coming back! After a good seven years after its predecessor Blood Bowl 2, now finally comes the third game in the franchise. In the meantime, we had a little title to keep us occupied for the moment in the form of Blood Bowl: Death Zone.

Blood Bowl 3 is a mix of sports, fantasy and turn-based tactics in which you must coach a team built with characters from the Warhammer franchise. Select a faction such as the elves, humans, dwarves and others and manage and upgrade them so they bring home the trophy for you. Once on the field, you will control your team during turn-based matches while giving each character clear instructions on what to do. Will you have them pass the ball, beat up an opponent, grab the ball or sweep the defender? Just be sure you are up to force so you won’t have your ass handed to yourself against a bigger enemy. At launch Blood Bowl 3 will feature twelve factions with four new playable ones to the Blood Bowl franchise.

Blood Bowl 3 will be released on February 23th 2023 on PlayStation 4, 5, Xbox One, Series X/S and PC.

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