Blood Dragon: The Cyber War

Blood Dragon: The Cyber War

Far Cry 3’s upcoming standalone expansion pack, Blood Dragon is looking like its going to be something special. Both a love letter to terribly good 80’s sci-fi action movies and a send up of how serious so many games take themselves lately, what was first thought of as an April Fools joke is turning into something that I am personally very excited for.

Ubisoft is marketing and promoting this game pitch perfectly, first was the terribly well done website that launched along with the games release that looks like Geocities is back. Then we got the first trailer of the game, which featured cartoons that reminds us of Gi Joe but pushed to 11.

Now we have Blood Dragon: The Cyber War a live action short promoting the upcoming game, in which we follow not the game’s protagonist Rex “Power” Colt but Commander Bolt Lightening as he takes on what used to be his fellow cyborg commandos. Aside from the great special effects done by Corridor Digital the tone it sets is exactly what you would want to see. Cheesy one liners, terribly great costumes, and really dumb plot makes this one of the best videos created to promote a video game I have seen and sets the tone of the game perfectly. Enjoy.

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is set to blow your minds on May 1st, on the 360, PC, and PS3 for $14.99 or 1200 Microsoft Dollars.

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