Bloodborne: The Old Hunters DLC – Review
Follow Genre: Action/Adventure, Hack 'n Slash
Developer: FromSoftware
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Platform: Playstation 4
Tested on: Playstation 4

Bloodborne: The Old Hunters DLC – Review

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When Bloodborne dropped, everyone immediately jumped aboard the hype train. Everyone that loved the entries of the Demon and Dark Soul’s games. Even a few who weren’t into those game probably got lured into the dark and gothic nature of the adventures which took place in Yharnam.

Bloodborne wasn’t overly large, at least not in comparison to its cousin Dark Soul’s or Dark Souls II, but it is a great game. When word spread about the DLC being in the making, the hype train took up some speed again. The hype train arrived and The Old Hunters arrived. Do they pack a punch.

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The story of the Old Hunters is equally present as the story of the main game. That is to say anyone who doesn’t go looking for it, won’t find it. This gives gamers a lot to speculate, which is great if you are into it. It might be less fun if you just want to get some answers, even subtle ones. It all feels like you are going through the motions of killing people because they are out to get you, which is a shame.


When it comes to graphics, The Old Hunters offers more of the same. You’ll encounter more grotesquery and more monstrosities for you to sink your blade into or blast away at with your guns. Bloodborne is known for the weird constructions that are the enemies and the glistening, wet aesthetics. Don’t expect to see anything that won’t make you feel melancholic, because that’s the game’s staple and it hangs on to it. For good measure, because it fits.



When you’ve played the original game, you’ll know what you are into. You’ll be dive in perfectly balanced atmosphere because of the perfectly placed jump scares and the weird uncanny noises attacking your eardrums at certain points of the game. You’ll be left wondering whether or not the sounds you are hearing are just ambience or whether they are of a threat slithering, hopping or racing your way. Even the most sweet voiced characters aren’t to be trusted. The melancholy is always present and the voice acting isn’t cheery and dapper, so even there you won’t find solace.


Bloodborne is an action/adventure hack ‘n slasher that will mke your teeth grind as it’s also hard as nails. Especially if you are new to the game. As you progress through the main campaign you’ll come to grips with the gameplay and you won’t really have problems later on the game. If however you’ve finished the game when it came out and come back to it for the DLC you’ll be in for a surprise. The difficulty of the DLC is not to be underestimated.


The estimated level which you’ll need, to at least have a shot at it, is 65. It has to be said though, even if you have a character of level 100, you’ll have a hard time if you stroll in expecting an push over. No not even overleveling or having maxed weapons will save you from the wrath of The Old Hunters.

With the DLC comes new weaponry and armour. The armour isn’t all that much to talk about, but the weaponry is again mind-bogglingly curious. There’s a variation of the Cane Whip, but has a longer reach. Next to that, there’s a whirligig saw and yes, it is what it sounds like. You can always pick a giant round saw at the end of a stick and no it’s not a toy. There’s also a small Amygdalan Arm. For this weapon you can’t possibly have seen enough hentai to know where it is going. It’s a decent long ranged weapon with a decent charged attack.


Enemies come in varies sizes and sorts. Again you can see the creator’s stamp on it as ‘weird’ doesn’t really carry the whole load. There are creatures with giant distorted red bellies who spit blood at you, there’s the strange pustule headed creatures that vary in behaviour, with the most docile lunging at you and smashing into you with their heads and the more vicious ones rushing at you on hands and knees, making them very unpredictable.


If you’ve enjoyed Bloodborne, the DLC will definitely bring you more joy. It’s more of the same, but that’s not a bad thing the small annoyance it has is that it’s less of it. Don’t think you’ll be won over by the DLC if you’re not into it. There really isn’t an estimated amount of time you can sink into it, because the game is hard as nails and leveling up and taking down bosses will absorb a lot of your time.

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