Bloodshot Special Features Update

Bloodshot Special Features Update

With COVID-19 shutting down the world completely several months ago, many physical releases never reached retail shops, making it so they had to release in a Video on Demand (VOD) format. This was also the case for Bloodshot, a very entertaining action movie with Vin Diesel in the lead. Also being based on a comic book character, Bloodshot was turned into a prove live-action movie, that doesn’t shy away from several other very big-budget productions. While not bringing home any Oscars, the movie was certainly fun to watch. With this article, we’ll do a tiny update on the review to discuss the extras that came on the 4K edition of the film. You can read our full review of the movie by clicking here.

We could only speculate what the physical edition of Bloodshot would bring to the table when it finally hit the shelves. Sadly, we were quite disappointed with the extras that came with the 4K edition of the movie. We had to make do with a tiny portion that revolved around the concept and thoughts behind the movie, such as adding a specific character to the equation. Other than that, it was just a couple of deleted scenes to entertain us for a few more moments, and that was basically it. This felt a bit disappointing when looking at how the movie looks, and how interesting an in-depth making-of sequence would have been. We expected slightly more from this one to be honest.

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