Blue Reflection – Review
Follow Genre: RPG
Developer: Gust
Publisher: Koei Tecmo
Platforms: PC, PS4, PS Vita
Tested on: PS4

Blue Reflection – Review

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Emotions can be really strong and in some stories, they’re the key element. When the world is threatened by a huge entity, only a few people can stand up and defend it. Some of them don’t really know how important they are, which is the case for Hinako. Our protagonist plays an important role and needs to get her facts straight to grasp her dream yet again and save the world in the process.



In this game, the world is set in a modern Japan, namely in the Hoshinomiya Girls High School. We follow the story of Hinako Shirai, a talented ballet dancer whose life is running on rails. Everything seems to go alright until an unexpected knee injury disrupts her whole future. Her dream is becoming a nightmare and although her revalidation is going fine, it seems she won’t be able to use her knee as before.

When she gets to the school, something strange is happening. She is transported to a surrealistic world but even more, she can move freely again. After some struggles, it seems that she is one of the magical girls, called ‘Reflectors’, who need to protect mankind against some monsters who try to suck up fragments of emotions. This new world is called ‘The Common’ and together with the sisters Yuzuki and Raimu Shijou, she has a job to do. Of course, school is also important and this is another aspect you need to keep in mind. The story might take a slower start but the combination between the Common, school life and making new friends gives it a dynamic touch and something to get back to.

Blue Reflection


The game feels quite spacious but the sprites from the characters and the details of the environment makes up for it. Yes, some of the areas are rather empty, especially the Common, but this isn’t that surprising. The characters look really nice and would fit immediately in an anime, while the expressions are rather fitting as well. Although school life feels rather bland, the Common makes up for it as it is really colorful, which is definitely the case for the different attires our heroes wear.

Monsters on the other hand doesn’t really share your fondness for color and although they aren’t that flashy, they stand out in the environment. Expect some rather strange shapes and entities on your travels in the Common.

Blue Reflection


It’s nice to hear that the music really fit the game, in all of the several locations and worlds. While you’re walking the school grounds, a more neutral tune is playing while the Common has a more feisty and dangerous tone. Don’t expect rock or techno beats but more classical tones which fit the game perfectly. Together with the more soothing voices of all the female characters it comes together in one nice entity, taking you on a magical trip. As the voice acting is done in Japanese, some more high-pitched girls were selected, but it isn’t really disturbing or annoying.

Next to voices and music, the sound effects are a rather important aspect as well, and Blue Reflection delivers. The swooshing of the weaponry and the magical attacks really hit home and makes everything that more dynamic.


Blue Reflection is an RPG where you need to fight of the Sepiroth and protect the world. Of course, you’re also a normal school girl, so this is also another aspect that is tackled in this game. In total, you have three separate elements, namely the school site, after school and the Common. In the latter, when someone goes in a frenzy, parts of their emotions are hidden in the Common and vulnerable for the monsters to find it. It’s the job of the three magical girls to find these fragments and find out what is really bothering the rampant person. With these new insights, Hinako is able to understand people better and give them better advice.

Blue Reflection

You can improve your characters by spending grow points into attack, defence, technic or support. By growing your team to a certain build, other abilities are available. It might be best to have a more diverse set-up so you’re ready for every battle.  Completing missions will also grant you points, so it might be best to keep this in mind. Battling is turn-based, where both you and the enemies are hoping to go first. Some attacks can give some enemies a knock-back and might be the turnabout in a feisty battle. You can choose to attack or use support skills when your teamies are having a hard time but keep in mind that a lot of them consume Ether. With Ether Charge, you can give up a turn to gain more, but it might be best to avoid this. When you’ve gathered some reflect percentage, you can choose to go in overdrive and combine several attacks. You can only perform each attack once, so be sure you to choose the best options in the right order to maximize damage or support.

Some of the less important girls’ ’emotions’ turn out to be more of a side-quest nature, where you have to gather some items or defeat monsters while key characters act as support. You can use their powers to help you and improve your moves. Depending on the type of emotion, like anger or fear, a different type of effect is added. Combining several emotions can give some nice features so it’s best to mix-and-match. You can always enter the Common to gather materials which you can use to craft items or enhance your support. This is a fun extra and gives you the opportunity to boost your girls.

Blue Reflection

There is more to it though, as you can increase your friendships level which will give you other support possibilities. This is done by doing activities with your friends after school and by answering several questions. Depending on your answer, your friendship level will rise more. Something else, but which doesn’t really affect your bond, is your Free Space account. Here you can chat with several of your friends, listen to some music or enjoy a nice game of ‘Dark Cave’.

Blue Reflection tried to recreate school life and after a tiresome day and some fun with your girls, you can decide what to do when you get home. Your actions have their effect on the rest of the story, so thinking while taking a bath might bring Hinako down, which will be noticeable the next day. These different setting makes it a more dynamic game and it blends rather well.

Blue Reflection


Fighting against monsters can be hard for anyone, but at least you got your girlfriends to fall back upon. Together you must save the world, while also keeping your eyes on your schoolwork and your own well-being. Being submerged in a more anime-like style, together with the fitting voices and music will take you on a nice trip. Get ready to dive into a pool of emotions!

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