Bob Was Hungry – Review
Follow Genre: Precision platformer
Developer: Shorebound Studios
Publisher: Shorebound Studios
Platform: PC
Tested on: PC

Bob Was Hungry – Review

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Bad: Can get very nerve-wracking, Pretty much no story  
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Bob Was Hungry is a precision platformer with an emphasis on the well-known trial-and-error. Developed by Shorebound Studios, Bob Was Hungry allows players to go on a single player adventure as well as a multiplayer adventure.

Bob Was Hungry


Story wise there isn’t that much info about what the game is all about. All we know is that Bobs are creatures that are used to eating entire planets made of cheese. Now, among these Bobs are less fortunate Bobs who are being forced to travel the galaxy in search for planets to find anything that even remotely resembles food. The Bob you will be playing as is one of these less fortunate Bobs. After a long time in space, his food rations have run out and now he has to land on several worlds in search for more food.


Bob Was Hungry has very basic yet beautiful and enjoyable 2.5D graphics. The game itself features three separate layers. Most important of the three is the main layer where your Bob will be running and evading obstacles. Then there is also the foreground and background which will be differently decorated according to the world you will be playing in. Bob Was Hungry features 5 different worlds each having its own separate art style, in one world you will be running through the woods while in another world you will be floating in outer space. It has to be said that even though all of these worlds have separate art styles, they are all very basic.

Bob Was Hungry


The sound and music in Bob Was Hungry matches the game very well, especially the title screen song is very catchy. The music is really energetic which matches the gameplay. Bob Was Hungry also features several different tunes, sadly these must first be unlocked by playing the game.


The gameplay of Bob Was Hungry is very challenging. As previously said, Bob Was Hungry features a trial-and-error playstyle meaning that once you die you will have to completely redo the level. Bob Was Hungry features 5 different worlds each consisting out of 15 to 20 different levels. After picking a level, players also get the opportunity to give their Bob a certain colour. In each level you will have the same goal, which is racing to the end of the map to collect a plate of food. But the way to this plate is not very easy, players will have to make their way to the plate by evading pits, traps, moving obstacles and many more.

If players think that the normal mode is to easy, they can always try out the hard mode. To unlock the hard mode, players will first have to find a hidden bottle which is hidden somewhere in each level. Only after collecting the bottle, players will be able to unlock hard mode. Not collecting the bottle means not being able to beat your high score.

Controls of this game are very easy, you can either play by using your keyboard but you can also play with your gamepad.

Bob Was Hungry

The real strength of this game for me was the multiplayer. In multiplayer it is possible to play with up to eight players in both a co-op and competitive multiplayer.  In the co-op multiplayer, the beginner mode gives players the opportunity to pass the level even though only one of the players makes it to the end. The co-op shared death mode is entirely different, in this mode all players must reach the end of the level otherwise players will have to start the level all over again.

The competitive multiplayer also features 2 modes, on the one hand there is the competitive race mode in which players can race against their friends for the fastest time and highest score. The competitive race survival mode offers the same features as the competitive race mode but in this mode players only get 1 life per stage.


Bob Was Hungry is a great game for both die-hard fans of the platforming genre but also for players who are newly introduced to the genre. It offers a great single player and multiplayer experience for all players. Gameplay is very standard with a very catchy tune. But be prepared to fail several times before actually completing the level.

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Rating: 7.7/10 (3 votes cast)
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Bob Was Hungry - Review, 7.7 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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