Book of Demons – Review
Follow Genre: Hack and slash, card battler
Developer; Thing Trunk
Publisher: Thing Trunk
Platform: PC
Tested on: PC

Book of Demons – Review

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With Book of Demons being in Early Access since mid-2016 a lot has changed for the developers. The biggest change is that since December 2018, Book of Demons is finally out there. The developers over at Thing Trunk have been nominated for several awards with this game, such as Indie of the Year 2017. But now that the game has officially released, the time is here to go on an adventure and find out if it’s still the glorious game as it was in Early Access or if a demonic force has taken over and ruined it.


In Book of Demons you play as a character that has as their goal the elimination of a demonic presence. In the intro we learn that after a long time you return to a town that is being haunted. A lot of people have gone away or took their own lives. But for the ones who stayed, you are their last hope.

It is a good thing that they added this story because it is nice to have a little background as to why you will have to do certain things. Another good thing about the story is that it is a challenging one and you can basically make it as long as you want, with the decisions you make in-game.


Book of Demons uses paperverse/3D-graphics. Everything you will encounter in this game is really well designed. All the objects you will encounter are very detailed and the dungeons and characters are fully finished. The developers really did a great job with this one, and it certainly gives a boost to you wanting to explore more in the game.


The sound in Book of Demons is a fantastic benefit in this game. When the characters are talking and giving you the information you will need, everything is fully voiced. In addition to this, every character has its own voice. Some of these are sweet but others are mysterious and you will start to wonder if you can even trust certain characters.

When you are in the dungeon, the sound effects are there and they are excellent, and even the background music, that in other games sometimes can be experienced as annoying, is fantastic here.


Book of Demons is a hack and slash game combined with a card battler. In the game it is your goal to eliminate all evil that is threatening the town. An evil demonic force has been awakened beneath the cathedral that is in town and the remaining citizens only hope is a hero that can eliminate the evil.

In the game you will have to find certain cards; this is where the card battler genre enters the game. The cards are used for spells, items and artifacts. With the collected cards you can build your own hand and every card has its own unique ability. In the item cards we find abilities like healing potions. In the artifact cards you can find certain things that will reduce the mana you use and with the spell cards, you probably would have guessed this one, you can use a certain spells to do more damage.

When you first start the game you can choose between three different classes; warrior, mage and rogue. With the warrior being a character that is specialized in melee fights, the mage is perfectly for ranged attacks and the roque is somewhat of a hybrid between warrior and mage. Of course each character has its own unique abilities, so make sure you choose wisely before you start the game.

So, like mentioned before, in this game you will have to clear a town of a demonic force. To do so you will have to clear the dungeons beneath the cathedral. In these dungeons you will encounter certain enemies and bosses which have to be killed to progress further and further into the dungeons. One of the enemies you can encounter is a zombie, which when you have killed it, will explode and poison everyone around them. Just like the zombie, every enemy has its own ability which you will have to adapt your playing style to.

The gameplay is very good and very challenging. You can choose between three difficulty levels, and when you first start playing the game, you will want to progress and finish the story.


When you look at the whole package of the game you can say that this game is developed perfectly. Everything that you will encounter in the game contributes to the experience and makes it even better. There is a challenging story, perfectly designed graphics, the in-game sound fits right in with what you are doing or seeing and the gameplay completes the package. So to conclude, we can say the developers over at Thing Trunk did a fantastic job with this game.

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Rating: 9.5/10 (6 votes cast)
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Book of Demons - Review, 9.5 out of 10 based on 6 ratings

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