Boom Box Blue! – Review
Follow Genre: Action, Casual
Developer: VaragtP
Publisher: VaragtP
Platforms: PC
Tested on: PC

Boom Box Blue! – Review

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Good: Easy gameplay, fun mechanics
Bad: Music loops rather fast and might get on your nerves, rather short gaming sessions
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Some games have a profound and deep storyline, while there are other ones that are simpler and keep your mind occupied for a while. Boom Box Blue! is this kind of game, as you just have to guide a small blue block in his quest to gather stars. This isn’t an easy task though, as there are a lot of elements that try to stop you.

Boom Box Blue!


No fancy storyline or anything in terms of a narrative, that’s what you can expect in Boom Box Blue!. You’re just a small box floating in the air, trying to get hold of some fleeting stars that fall from the sky. You would just enjoy life, but there are enemies out there that try to stop you. Of course, as it is a game with rather simple gameplay and not much depth, it’s acceptable to have no story value at all.


Upon starting the game, it feels like you’ve teleported back in time. No fancy super high-resolution sceneries but a pixelated, blurry forest and different kinds of blocks. Everything fits together nicely and the style of this game has its charm, although it is a bit weird why some parts seem to be a bit blurred or hazy. The different shades do fit together and make a harmonious whole, so if you like some older type of graphics, you’re good to go with this game.

Boom Box Blue!


Just as the graphics, some old-school tunes are added. During your dodging in the game, a more monotone tune is playing and although it doesn’t stand out much, it might actually start to work on your nerves as it’s being looped rather fast. There are some sound effects to counter this effect, like some grunts for the falling blocks or the explosions for bombs, but it might not be enough to stop you from muting the game.


Boom Box Blue! is a casual action game where you have to guide the blue box between all of the falling, evil blocks. This is done quite easily with your mouse as this is the only input method. It is your job to obtain as much as stars as possible. Doing this will help you gain levels, which is rewarded with a star you can use for upgrades. There are four different aspects you can improve, namely the amount of lives you have, the number of bombs you can carry, the explosion radius of bombs and the amount of dropping stars. Yes, you’ve read it right, you have bombs you can drop anywhere you want to. Just by the click of your mouse button, you can wipe away a lot of evil blocks as they keep on stacking at the bottom. Sometimes there are explosions on the field too, which helps you to wipe away a bigger amount of your screen.

Boom Box Blue!

At the beginning of the game, only one type of box is dropping down. As the time goes by, more blocks will drop at a higher speed and a variety of colors and shapes will be added. For example, there are small pink ones that might seem harmless, except they have a bouncing ability so it could be that you’ll have blocks flying all over the place. This makes it a lot harder to dodge everything, as there are also some other elements that makes your life not that easy. Sometimes a harsh wind might pop up, blowing the painful chunks in that direction. These powers of nature can change in a whim so it could be that it changes quite fast. At other times, all the light is cut out, except a smaller area in the middle, which will make it harder to dodge all of the incoming debris or to get rid of some of the stacks.

Of course, if you wouldn’t have any extra supplies you would be dead in a jiffy. At least you have hourglasses to stop time, bombs and hamburgers falling now and then. You can munch on the latter and gain health but you will also grow in size. There is also something that makes you smaller so it’s actually a good idea to avoid eating anything when you don’t need it and just chomp on food when it’s needed. It’s so much easier to avoid everything when you’re a tiny cube in a vast open sky. If you accidentally do eat something, you can always puke by pressing the bomb-button. Of course, you can’t survive forever and when you’ve passed away, you can assign your gained stars and back in you go. Depending on the amount of points you received at the end of a round, you might even get on the leaderboard!

Boom Box Blue!


If you’re looking for a short and fun game where you just have to dodge and collect falling stars, you’re good to go with this one. You’ll be guiding a small box in the sky, looking for his own happiness but is tortured by annoying blocks. There are some upgrades you can do, which will drive your motivation. There isn’t that much depth elsewise, so keep that in mind when starting this one.

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Boom Box Blue! - Review, 6.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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