Booq Boa Saddle – Accessory Review
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Booq Boa Saddle – Accessory Review

Good: Appearance, Storage room, Anti-skid pad
Bad: Price
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It has been a while since we last discussed any of Booq’s products and even longer since we last reviewed a brief/shoulder bag. To make up for it, we immediately did an effort to present a very good looking one from Booq’s portfolio, namely the Boa Saddle, which was designed for 12” – 15” laptops. We were ready to store our valuables in this handsome bag, hoping they would reach our many destinations in one piece.

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At first glance the Boa Saddle looks like a very regular shoulder bag, albeit with some extra fun details added to it. You’ll have a standard sized bag, although slightly thicker, with a few fun leathery finishes to spice things up just a little bit. The overall appearance is rather classy, but the bag can also be suited for more casual purposes. The simple black look does have a lot of merits and the reflective surface does leave a decent impression.

As stated before, the bag is slightly thicker than other conventional models, thus this means there is a bit more storage room compared to many other similar models. The Boa Saddle will offer four zipper enclosed pockets, each with small compartments.

  • The first pocket on the front sideis large enough to store some small folders or notebooks and has a keychain to attach to your keys, or other small trinkets. As this compartment is not divided into smaller sections, it might be best to store less important items here, as they will be stored quite loosely.
  • In the second compartment, you’ll have ample storage room for bigger binders, your charging equipment and more important documents. Nonetheless, each side of this pocket, there will be smaller zipper enclosed pockets, to store some smaller valuables, as well as several other pockets, which are large enough to place your smartphone, some pens and other items, securing them tightly into place. Two of the pockets are big enough to store a small tablet.
  • The third compartment will serve as the safe haven for your laptop. This pocket has no extra compartment and is all about keeping your most expensive piece of hardware safe. The padding and soft sides will make sure of that.
  • Last, but not least, the fourth storage space will again have enough room for some smaller valuables, as well as one small pocket to store a smartphone in.


Truth be told, this bag will supply enough storage space for your everyday needs and perhaps even more. You’ll easily be able to take your hardware with you, your side equipment, some documents and perhaps even a lunch package to survive the coming day. Certainly great if you tend to bring a bit more than your laptop to school, work or other occasions where your trusty hardware is needed.

As far as comfort goes, a shoulder bag remains a shoulder bag and thus there is not that much diversity when it comes to comfort, except for the pad on the shoulder strap. The pad on the Boa Saddle is quite thick and soft, making sure that the shoulder strain will occur only after longer periods of time and the developers added one small but heavenly feature to the pad. The bottom has a few small anti-skid ‘striped’ embedded on it, making sure the pad itself stays on your shoulder the entire time, without you having to constantly shift it back into position.


Even though the Boa Saddle will take a reasonable sum from your budget, this shoulder bag is actually quite delightful. You’ll have ample storage room, a great looking bag and the simple yet much appreciated anti-skid pad to allow for a comfortable experience. If you’re deciding to replace your current shoulder bag and you’re aiming for quality, this one might be a great choice.

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Rating: 6.8/10 (9 votes cast)
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Booq Boa Saddle - Accessory Review, 6.8 out of 10 based on 9 ratings

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