Booq Taipan spacesuit XS, Booqpad and Booq Folio – Accessory Review
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Booq Taipan spacesuit XS, Booqpad and Booq Folio – Accessory Review

Good: Great quality to be found in both design and looks, the Folio is at the pinnacle of usefulness and comfort.
Bad: The Booqpad fails to bring comfort to professional life.
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In line with our earlier Booq reviews, I’m going to talk about three iPad covers we received. We’ve received a Booq Taipan spacesuit XS, a Booqpad and a Booq Folio.

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Booq Taipan spacesuit XS

I’m going to start off with the item that sounds the most exotic. The Taipan spacesuit XS is a somewhat traditional neoprene sleeve that offers protection to both the front and back of your iPad.

Its smooth, almost gelatinous exterior makes it easy to slide the Taipan spacesuit into an already loaded backpack or briefcase and it makes for a perfect fit for the first four generations of iPads.

Inside the sleeve, lycra lining keeps your device’s screen safe from any harm and a quick test utilising my sink and a faucet, confirmed what we already knew: neoprene is fairly water-resistant. Once tucked neatly inside, your iPad will also be protected from the Taipan spacesuit XS’s zipper.


There’s no denying its protective value, but I can’t help but think the Taipan spacesuit XS comes late to an already crowded party.

Nowadays market is crowded by worthwhile covers and sleeves. I’m not arguing that the spacesuit is a bad deal. It’s not, its firm texture, along with a finish that declares an excellent eye for detail on Booq’s part. At the same time though, you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who prefers a traditional sleeve made only to slide your tablet into above a more user-friendly cover that offers plenty of options for protecting, using and even showcasing your device.


For all specifications, click here.


Second on the list is the Booqpad. Compared to the Taipan spacesuit XS, it’s an completely different beast. It also seems to be geared towards a more professional crowd.

First impressions do nothing but affirm this, as its sleek exterior seems like a perfect fit for any employee important enough to get an i-device from his or her employer.

First things first though. After all, what sets the Booqpad apart from other covers, is its inclusion of a 50-page notepad that’s included and detrimental to the entire package.


Like many other covers, you open the Booqpad like you would open a book. Unlike most protective cases though, you’ll find your iPad is tucked away on the left-hand side of the Booqpad, while the notepad takes care of the right side.

In the middle of the sleeve, there’s a spot where you can store a pen and a tight space behind the notepad will take care of any loose papers, business cards and other various paper forms that you might need while working.

As with most of Booq’s merchandise, there’s no fault to be found in the Booqpad’s classy design. Like I said before, its looks are a perfect fit for any professional who uses an iPad in everyday business. The notepad only adds to that, because, by God, it can get tedious having to take quick notes on an iPad during a speech, meeting or event.

The entire case has been designed with from recylced PET, but whoever takes that as a sign for a cheap and hastily made product, couldn’t be more wrong. The Booqpad’s looks may be simple but its glossy, but firm exterior makes it stand out from other offerings.


Truth to be told, the Booqpad was the item on this list I was the most exited about, as during the day I tend to take notes all the time during meetings and guiding junior colleagues, while some evenings and most weekends are spend at press events or reviewing tablet and smartphone games. My iPad and a decent notepad are two items I only neglect to take with me during my trips to the local bar.

Sadly, I was a bit let down. First of all, The Booqpad is almost impossible to comfortably use in portrait-mode. The most glaring problem lies in its wide and softer middle. Here the firm PET lining has been thinned in order to accommodate a pen or two. Unfortunately, this is also the part of the cover that is supposed to offer grip. Needless to say, the results leave a lot to be desired, even going as far as causing the Booqpad to fold in on itself. The fact that the notepad on the right side of the sleeve does nothing to offer a counterweight to the heavier iPad-filled left side, doesn’t help either.

Thus, the only way to use the Booqpad in portrait-mode, is by completely folding the case, so the notepad is tucked away at the back of your iPad. This not only entirely defeats the purpose, it also cause the sheets to flop around unless you constantly apply pressure to them.

Holding your iPad in landscape somewhat facilitates things, although even then it never becomes truly comfortable to use.

My new go-to cover of choice, this is not.


For all specifications, click here.

Booq Folio

To turn that last sour note of the Booqpad into a new, positive perspective; yes, Booq’s Folio cover has flawlessly managed to win me over.

It’s elegant, sturdy and offers all the protection you could need during day to day use.

It does look like something you’d normally attribute to the hipster-class of society though. Jute fiber makes up for ninety-nine percent of the exterior, leaving room only for a small decorative button, sporting Booq’s logo. This essentially makes it look like a compact briefcase or messenger bag.

That same jute also makes for a rougher overall touch, but one that never becomes uncomfortable to carry around. Instead, it only serves to make the Folio feel just that bit more expensive.

Inside nubuck lining softens things up dramatically in order to protect your iPad from all sides, only making an exception for an additional jute casing underneath which you shove your tablet.


To keep with nowadays trend of offering multiple angles at which to position your iPad, the Folio’s front cover can be folded so your device can be safely positioned for perfect screen-viewing. At the back, then, a small opening leaves ample room for the iPads camera, a necessity according to tourists’ desire to replace traditional camera’s with iPads.

Like I mentioned earlier, the Folio is the cover that by far managed to impress me the most. So much actually, that it managed to completely replace my old, basic Apple cover – one of those really practical ones. A feat that no other cover has managed during the past 3 years.

One last anecdote: during working hours, I rely on my iPad a lot, so it’s always station on my desk. It’s a constant fixture among a otherwise always changing mess of files. The very morning I first took the my iPad tucked neatly away in the Folio to work, my colleagues immediately remarked on how chic it looked.

So yes, call me a hipster, but this particular Folio is here to stay.


For all specifications, click here.

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Booq Taipan spacesuit XS, Booqpad and Booq Folio - Accessory Review, 6.8 out of 10 based on 8 ratings

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