Booq Viper Sleeve (15″) & Fibre Snapcase (iPhone 5/5S) – Accessory Review
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Booq Viper Sleeve (15″) & Fibre Snapcase (iPhone 5/5S) – Accessory Review

Good: Quality items, original design
Bad: Sleeve is not compatible with a lot of other 15" backpacks
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Accessories, or simply items that protect our valuable gadgets are becoming more and more important. Most see it as an insurance to ensure the safety of our fairly expensive investments we have made to keep in the running of our ever changing technological world. Thus we’ll do our best to present you with two fun protection items for some of your expensive Apple products.

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Booq Viper Sleeve (15”)

We’ll start off with the Viper Sleeve which comes in three different sizes, namely 11”, 13” and 15”. We’ve had the chance to take a look at the 15” model which is specifically designed for the MacBook Pro (Retina) and thus you probably won’t be able to fit in any normal laptops inside of the sleeve.

As usual, when it comes to hardware not only the practical use is important but the appearance of your accessory is also a valuable asset. The Viper Sleeve might be one of the most attractive sleeves the market has to offer. The fiber-ish look makes the item more of a design accessory than a simple sleeve you’d buy for protection alone. The extra rubber padding lines on the sleeve make it a beautiful whole and whilst this is not the most important part of your sleeve, it surely is a big plus.

Most sleeves have a fairly soft feel on the outside as if they were made out of fabric. The Viper Sleeve however feels a lot more sturdy than most, because of the jute material used. This also provides the user with a more solid experience and a sleeve that will not lose its shape as well.

Working with such a sturdy material also proves to be useful when it comes to accidently applying pressure on your sleeve, when not intended to. The Viper will absorb most of the pressure and thus protect your valuable possession. An extra layer of protection has been added by the use of adding three lines of extra padding on the middle of each side of the sleeve.


Whilst the harder material is fairly unique for a sleeve, (= not the same as a case) the fact that Booq has designed it so that you won’t need a zipper to close it is also a fairly unique feature. Closing the sleeve has been done with the use of eight small magnets. This will remove the annoyances of having fabric caught between the zipper or the fact your zipper tends to wear out over time.
The closure with the magnets itself is fairly sturdy but I would not recommend running around with your sleeve upside down. Doing fairly rash and sudden motions with the sleeve could open up it up and thus the ground and your MacBook might get acquainted in a fashion you would not prefer.

The inside of Booq’s Viper Sleeve has been coated with a softer fabric (nylon) and thus offering your MacBook a safe and scratch free environment. When inserting the MacBook Pro (Retina), you will notice there is still a bit of room left inside the sleeve. This can either be positive or negative for some. It will save you the effort of having to cram in your MacBook like there is no tomorrow, but you will also have to deal with the fact that it can still slightly move around.

Overall the Viper Sleeve is a great way to protect your hardware but it is advised to try it out in combination with your backpack first. A lot of backpacks that were created for a 15” laptop might not support the size of your sleeve or just barely. If you have a smaller model of the Viper Sleeve, you should have no issue in combining it with your ‘traveling’ gear.


The Viper Sleeve is a fun sleeve to work with and it does what it’s supposed to do. Thanks to Booq’s addition of a touch of nice design and practicality you won’t regret your purchase.


For all specifications, click here.

Booq Fibre Snapcase (iPhone 5/5S)

iPhone 5 and 5S owners, rejoice! At least if you’re trying to find a snapcase that is fairly fashionable and quite decent in keeping your phone safe.

The appearance of the Fibre Snapcase is pretty much the same as it name tells us. The exterior will also have a fibre-ish look and might go well together with your favorite pair of jeans, seeing it comes in a variety of different colors.

Whilst in many ways the case might look a bit like most other plastic varieties on the market, the Fibre Snapcase proves to differ itself from most of the competition. Because of the extra padding the back your iPhone 5 will receive a slightly more snug fit as well as a bit of extra protection.

The sides of the Fibre case are slightly more flexible than most other brands, which make the case slightly less breakable and more shock absorbable when crashing in to the floor.

Using the materials Booq’s case does, comes with one great disadvantage. When spilling fluids on a plastic case it is easy to wipe off or cleaned afterwards. This might not prove to be such an easy task with the Fibre Snapcase.


Booq’s Fibre Snapcase proves to be a stylish and decent protective case for your iPhone 5/5S and comes at no greater price than most alternatives on the market. If you’re looking for something to keep your iPhone save, this one might be worth checking out.

For all specifications, click here.

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Booq Viper Sleeve (15") & Fibre Snapcase (iPhone 5/5S) - Accessory Review, 8.2 out of 10 based on 9 ratings

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