Borderlands 2 Diamond-plate Loot Chest

Borderlands 2 Diamond-plate Loot Chest

Along with the mountain of other information that Gearbox announced at their PAX East panel, they also announced a new Diamond-plate loot chest going up for sale.

If you missed the Limited Edition Borderlands 2 that was housed inside of a Loot Chest when the game was first released you have the opportunity to make up for that terrible terrible mistake.

The Limited Edition Diamond-Plate Borderlands 2 Loot Chest is sold exclusively through the lovely people at ThinkGeek, and is limited to only 5000 being sold. So if you want this puppy all to yourself you need to hurry and purchase it before its all sold out. The Loot Chest will put you back $99.99

Diamond Plate loot lockerIncluded inside of this fancy looking loot locker are:

    • Diamond Plate Loot Chest
    • Loot Chest Certificate of Authenticity
    • A rare vacuform Goliath mask w/ SHiFT code that unlocks the head in-game
    • 20 Trading cards with SHiFT codes that unlock Legendary items in game (at current level of player)
    • Vault Hunters Wanted Poster
    • Window Decals for Hyperion, Jakobs, Maliwan, and more
    • Dimensions of Loot Chest: approx. 18″ long x 8″ deep x 6.25″ tall
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