Borderlands Science launched today on Borderlands 3

Borderlands Science launched today on Borderlands 3

Today, Borderlands Science has launched in Borderlands 3, which is a minigame that lets you solve puzzles that are based on the trillions of microbes in the human gut. By using the massive community of gamers that play Borderlands 3, solving these puzzles will spare hundreds of thousands hours of time that scientists would need to spend in solving the gigantic puzzle all the microbes form in the human body. Some of these microbes can be related to diseases like Alzheimer’s, cancer, diabetes, and many others. This helps the medical world to better understand these microbes and can be a good base for future medical studies.

By doing this, players can earn in-game rewards while this whole system is also complete with scores and progression. Players can access the retro game console that lets you play Borderlands Science in Sanctuary. By solving as many puzzles as you can, you will help the medical community, so get going and solve those puzzles!

Below, you can see the launch trailer for Borderlands Science that explains how Borderlands Science works, hosted by Dr. Bialik.

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