Brand new trailer for Trails of Cold Steel III

Brand new trailer for Trails of Cold Steel III

The bonds Rean Schwarzer took so long to build up, all the fond memories he shares with his comrades, it will all be put to the test in Trails of Cold Steel III. A sure darkness of the past will haunt Rean yet again and these will push him to the absolute limit. Face the challenges that have pursued Rean throughout his whole life, into this new chapter. Will he be able to maintain the bonds between him and his comrades, does he possess the power to overcome the differences between him and his students and guide them to be the legends of the future? Only time will tell.

Watch the newest trailer for Trails Of Cold Steel III below and mark the release date on PS4, which is October 22nd, on your agenda.

The PS plus exclusive bundle is still available right now, so don’t miss out on some great content.

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