Brawlhalla now also available on Xbox One and Nintendo Switch

Brawlhalla now also available on Xbox One and Nintendo Switch

As of today, Ubisoft’s popular free-to-play platform fighter Brawlhalla that has over 15 million players on PC and PS4 has now come to Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Xbox One players will exclusively get free access to the Welcome to Brawlhalla pack that’s worth €13,-

After a free update, Rayman from the popular platform games  and some of his friends now also belong to the roster of the available characters. Rayman uses his limbless kung-fu moves to pummel his enemies with the boxing gloves from Rayman Legends. Alongside the addition of this new character, new Rayman-themed skins and a new Kung-Foot mode have been added as well.

Kung-Foot is a new game mode in which legends compete to kick and blast a soccer ball into their opponent’s goal while defending their own. The more the ball gets hit, the farther and faster it travels. This game mode is based on the Kung-foot mini-game from Rayman Legends. Kung-Foot mode will replace the Bawl of the Week. Also, a three-week Rayman-themed event has started on November 6 with tons of new content for players. This includes:

  • New Team Photo Taunt: In this first Team Taunt, teammates and even opponents can join the taunt to pose together.
  • New KO Effect: Medieval Dragon
  • New Podium: Spellbound Tree
  • New Sidekick: Lum King
  • UI Takeover
  • Additional 250 Gold to each player’s daily log-in bonus

For this occasion, a new trailer has been released to promote these additions. You can check it out below.

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