Breached – Review
Follow Genre: Adventure, Indie
Developer: Drama Drifters
Publisher: Nkidu Games Inc.
Platforms: PC, Mac
Tested on: PC

Breached – Review

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Good: good graphics, compelling story
Bad: replay value is there but it's not fun, can cause motion sickness, not a lot of depth to the adventuring part
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Breached is the latest space adventure game by Drama Drifters. It features an intriguing story set on a planet far beyond Earth and Corus Valott, an astronaut who is trapped on the planet with no rescue in sight. Dive into the game and unravel a complex sci-fi story with a lot of mysteries.



The story of Breached is one of many mysteries and questions. You play as Corus Valott and your story continues as you suddenly wake up from your cryogenic slumber on a distant planet. The slumber was supposed to take a longer time than it did, but your shelter was damaged by unforeseen circumstances. You now have eight days of supplies left to fix your shelter and uncover what has happened, before going back to your slumber.

Breached’s story is pretty interesting from start to finish. Each day you start gives you more knowledge than before because your character keeps a journal. Through this journal, you can find out things about your character, the planet you’re on and events that have occurred previously. There are a whole lot of journal logs that you can find, giving much information about the character.

However, one major problem that the story has is that it isn’t narrated. An important part of the game is story, and this is brought through logs. Good voice acting could really provide a lot more immersion, but then again it’s still an indie game so it’s probably better to have no voice acting than potentially bad voice acting.

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Graphics wise, Breached is a fairly pretty game for being an indie title. The textures look nice and detailed and the lighting is extremely well done, mainly because of the use of Unreal Engine 4. All of the objects that can be interacted with also look nice, as well as the graphical “glitches” you get when your drone is malfunctioning.


The sound in Breached is also fairly well done, except for the aforementioned voice acting that is missing in the journal entries. Most of the rest of the sound consists of atmospheric music, which has a very calming effect when playing. There are also some sound effects here and there but it’s nothing too crazy.


When looking at gameplay, Breached is basically a story-driven adventure game. However, you won’t go out, run around and find out things about the story. The story is delivered solely through the journal logs and the adventuring part is trying to fix your generator and synthesize fuel within eight days before dying.

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The main objectives, as said before, are fixing your generator and making fuel within eight days, or you’ll die from lack of resources. This is done by visiting zones the planet you’re on with a drone. With this drone you can explore the zone and collect resources, with a carrying capacity of three. These resources can be alpha, beta or gamma minerals or capsules. The minerals are used to synthesize fuel and the capsules can be opened and contain materials to fix the generator.

However, it’s not that easy to do all of this. On a day, you can only do a limited amount of actions before it stops. You have a stamina bar and every action will empty it a little bit, so after doing 3 or 4 things you’ll have to sleep and let a day pass. These actions can be visiting a zone, hacking a capsule or attempting to make fuel. Making fuel is especially tricky because you have to find the exact formula that makes fuel with perfect purity, which can be a very hard thing to do.

That’s pretty much all the gameplay there is. You simply go to zones, pick up minerals and capsules and then try to fix your generator and make fuel. The gameplay is very simple and it’s made a little bit harder thanks to anomalies in the zones. Getting too close to these anomalies will get your drone destroyed and then you will have spent stamina for nothing.

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All in all the gameplay is pretty repetitive. After a while you know where everything is in the zones and you can just memorize it. This makes it just a rinse and repeat of the eight days until you get the right formula for making the fuel. Also, it’s pretty easy to get motion sick from the game, as your screen turns around a lot while you move with the drone. Maybe it’s just me, but it’s not very pleasant to play for a long period of time.


In conclusion, Breached was a pretty fun game to begin with, but became quite repetitive after two hours of playing. In the beginning it’s very fun to explore and figure out the story and what you’re supposed to do. If you fail however and have to do everything over again, you pretty much memorize where everything is and it’s quite boring to do this multiple times until you can complete both objectives.

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Breached - Review, 5.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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