Bread and Fred swinging into Steam this month

Bread and Fred swinging into Steam this month

Developer Sand Castles Studio is happy to announce that after one million demo downloads their game Bread and Fred will be coming to PC through Steam, GOG and Epic Games Store on May 23rd.

It is time to conquer the icy peaks as two penguin companions Bread and Fred in a co-op platform adventure. Who of you will take the lead? As the higher you get on the mountain the difficulty increases and more dangerous obstacles come into play such as wind, ice and moving platforms. You will have to rely on each other as one false step can send both of you careening down the cliffs across the slippery ice. One feature about this title is that you are only able to play it locally in co-op or have a friend join over Steam Remote Play and jump, climb and swing in unison. Complete many challenges to unlock new skins for your penguins and dress them up just like you want.

But what if your friends are not that proficient in platforming games or they are not available? Swap out the online partner for Jeff the Rock and solo-swing your way across the many obstacles found along the way. Not that skillful yourself? Don’t worry as the game has a bunch of assist options available such as place-able checkpoints and infinite jumps to ensure you reach the previously achieved heights.

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