Bright Memory: Infinite out now for PC

Bright Memory: Infinite out now for PC

Indie developer FYQD Studio and publisher PLAYISM have announced the release of their first-person shooter Bright Memory: Infinite for PC. An additional release for Xbox Series X and S will also follow soon. Players will be able to dash, slide and brutally dispatch foes as they take control of Shelia and use her arsenal to defeat both humans and mythological beings.

After a black hole opens during the Chinese New Year celebrations in 2036, Sheila finds herself uncovering the truth about two intertwining worlds and timelines. Throughout the game, players will develop a formidable arsenal of both weapons and psychic powers, alongside a deep customization system featuring a branching skill tree.

Bright Memory: Infinite is now available on Steam for PC for $19.99, and is available for streaming on GeForce Now. A DLC featuring the soundtrack composed by Emperia Sound and Music is also available for purchase.

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