Brilliant Ways People Use Drone Technology

Continuous technological advancements that are rapidly introduced leave people unable to stay in the loop. Technology has changed our lives drastically as well as many of the concepts and ideas we once held. For example, up until a few years ago, the word ‘drone’ would refer to nothing but the aircraft used in war operations and anti-terrorist attacks.

While it was originally made for that purpose, nowadays it has completely different connotations related to nothing but positive uses that have benefited people around the world. Here are some brilliant ways people use drone technology today.

1.  Humanitarian Aid

In cases of natural disasters or any other humanitarian crises, it’s challenging to quickly deliver the necessary aid. However, there are drones that can carry around 5 kilograms of different supplies that can be sent to any affected area. This means it has never been easier and quicker to respond to all kinds of disasters and send food or medication for those suffering from the aftermath. A successful example of this amazing way to use drones is how the UN’s Children’s Fund used this method to minimize waiting time for HIV tests. However, drones truly proved their use in their latest mission during Hurricane Harvey.

2.  Medical Emergency Services

Even though ambulance services can arrive at scenes of emergencies in record time, it’s always good to have an option that is even quicker. With that in mind, drone technology has proven its excellence in the medical field and how it could come in handy in difficult situations that require an immediate response. People in remote areas, for example, could still need urgent medical care. Medical drones can also be used to deliver blood and transfer organs or other medical supplies in areas far from civilization like Ghana and Rwanda. An ambulance drone can save lives in cases of life and death that cannot wait for a traditional ambulance, like cardiac arrests.

3.  Search and Rescue

Other than sending supplies during disasters, drones can also be used to find survivors and help in their rescue. Previously, people risked their lives in critical conditions like floods or earthquake aftermaths just to find those who are missing. Now, these systems can easily track and locate survivors for relevant authorities to make a rescue plan. Other than disasters, drones can also be used to search for missing people reported by family or friends like the missing Norfolk Man who was luckily found by a police drone.

4.  Shooting Amazing Footage

You have no idea how many cameramen and directors have suffered to get a certain shot they had in mind actualized. Some used to even risk their lives for that one perfect shot of a wild animal or underwater views, but not with drones. They are also now replacing all the hassle of a whole camera crew at most live events. Being more accessible now, drones are used by many local news anchors and journalists to capture events quickly and efficiently. As for movies, directors no longer need a helicopter to make their dream shot come true, many now use drones to shoot scenes that are problematic to do with a regular camera.

5.  Wildlife Research

You probably saw that one amazing wildlife documentary with amazing views thanks to the efforts of drone technology. It doesn’t stop there. While they’re used to capture wildlife for us to enjoy, they also help researchers further their studies. It helps them keep an eye on different animal populations, especially endangered species, without disrupting their environment.

They also help in exploring underwater environments, where they can trace sharks or catch a sighting of a rare species of whales. They can also help in fighting wildlife crime,  namely poachers who break into national parks to hunt rare animals. Using drones as security surveillance tools have significantly combated such crimes.

6.  Delivery

Drones are also being utilized in the business industry as a delivery service of small items. This is convenient because drones cut down on both delivery time and the cost for the benefit of sellers and customers alike. Jeff Bezos’s Amazon Prime Air is already taking advantage of this technology, promising to deliver orders safely and in record time. There are actually some businesses with drones that carry heavier items, so who knows, maybe a few years from now we’ll be getting our pizza orders with a drone!

It’s safe to say that drones are being brilliantly used and their versatility is fully taken advantage of. There are probably many other ways they are being used and will be used in the future. You can now look out for movie scenes that can be only shot by a drone and appreciate them more. As for the future of drone technology, the sky is the limit!

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