Bringing competitive gameplay to Diablo IV: introducing Trials

Bringing competitive gameplay to Diablo IV: introducing Trials

Season 3 of Diablo IV, Season of the Construct, is set to deliver a host of exciting new content to this fan favorite game, and the wait is almost over for one of the most sought-after features. Bringing a new level of competitive gameplay for players across a variety of skill levels, Diablo IV introduces Trials. Gamers can strive for glory, ascending the Leaderboards, with Caches and Titles up for grabs for those who’ve left their mark on the Season.

This guide will explain the new feature in all its glory so if you are not super familiar with Diablo IV, get ready for a geeky deep dive – let’s get started!

Ladder Up

Trials are the latest evergreen feature to arrive in Diablo IV and will premier multiple Ladders, and one Leaderboard for each Ladder. With the new quality-of-life enhancing features added to the Season, fans can test their mettle against deadly foes while ranking against fellow players, for a chance to be etched in the Season of the Construct annals.

Ladders will be available through the Gauntlet, where mastery and skill are paramount to achieving the highest scores in the Seasonal Realm. Within the new Ladders, players will earn their Rank, each represented by one of four Seals. The Seals will have a predetermined Score Threshold tied to the weekly changing Gauntlet.

Ranked from highest to lowest:

  • Seal of the Worthy: very high score, challenging for the most competitive
  • Seal of the Iron-Willed: high score, challenging for core players
  • Seal of the Steadfast: low score, some challenging play for casual players
  • Seal of the Blooded: no score requirement, just participation

From the Seal of the Blooded, to the Seal of the Worthy, players will have their Personal Best Score presented, as well as the necessary Score to reach the next Seal.

Climb the Leaderboards

Held for the most dynamic and blood-thirsty players, the Top 1000 Leaderboard will showcase the highest-scoring Diablo IV fans. To break into the Top 1000, players will need to have a run that earns them the coveted Seal of the Worthy, reaching the very top of the Ladder. There are 16 Top 1000 Leaderboards and are separated globally between Solo Class (1 per class, with Hardcore + Normal versions) and Party (1 per Party size (2-, 3-, 4-party), with Hardcore + Normal versions)).

The Gauntlet: Challenger Dungeon

Differing from the Nightmare Dungeon in the Vaults, the Challenger Dungeon Monsters will be locked at level 100 and introduce Ladder play, where World Tier 4 players can compete for weekly Leaderboard high scores. To prevail in this Gauntlet, challengers will need to collect Proofs of Might from killing Monsters, opening gizmos and completing events in under eight minutes. The more Proofs collected, the higher the score, leading to more chances to secure Loot Caches at the end of the weekly-refreshed Gauntlet.

While no loot can be found during The Gauntlet itself, players will be rewarded for their herculean efforts with a Cache dependent on their success, with one Ancestral Legendary guaranteed from each Cache. Multiple Caches can be won across Trial Ladders.

  • Seal of the Worthy: Four Caches
  • Seal of the Iron-Willed: Three Caches
  • Seal of the Steadfast: Two Caches
  • Seal of the Blooded: One Cache

Claim your title

Showcasing the achievements of players is core within Trials, so worthy champions can claim their reward through an enviable new Season of the Construct title. Players will get the opportunity to show off their prowess with accolades like:

  • Worthy Soul title: Top players who earn the Seal of the Worthy across one of the various Ladders will receive the one-time title for that week.
  • Trails Mount Trophy: Players who finish Top 1000 in any of the Ladders that week can claim this reward twice per Season.
  • Ascendant Star title: Players ranking in the Top 20 of any Global Solo Leaderboard.
  • Elite Ally title: Players achieving Top 20 on any Global Party Leaderboard.
  • Hall of the Ancients: Top 10 players from each Gauntlet will be recorded in the permanent leaderboard for the most skilled players.

Head to the Sanctuary now and claim your spot in the Diablo IV hall of fame. Diablo IV: Season of the Construct is available on Xbox, PlayStation, and Steam.

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