Broadsword: Age of Chivalry will be released this friday

Broadsword: Age of Chivalry will be released this friday

For everyone that likes strategic games and you have a computer, mark this friday in your agendas. Will you be strong enough to take over Europe and be the dominant one?

Kiss and Funbox Media did their best to make a rich historical game and it seems like they’ve succeeded. You can help out Joan or Arc or other important figures during battle. Even more, you will be able to get 3D footage of the slaughtering. There is also the possibility to play with friends in the multiplayer mode.

Here are some of the features:

  •  four different civilisations: the English, the French, the Spanish and the Hapsburg Empire with more to become available!
  • Watch your strategies unfold in full 3D Battle Action as your troops go to in to battle.
  • Take control of special ‘Hero’ units lead by historical legends such as Henry III, Joan of Arc, El Cid, each of who command special ‘hero’ powers that can affect the entire battlefield.
  • Command different types of military units including archers, knights, pikemen, catapults and more.
  • Play on a variety of maps in distinct weather conditions.
  • Turn-based combat keeps the battle moving at the player-preferred pace.
  • Construct & upgrade buildings such as town centres, mines, mills, and farms to raise units and create resources for your empire.
  • Unlock maps, units & new campaigns as you play!
  • Original music from German film composer Jan Morganstern.
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