Broken Pieces is now out

Broken Pieces is now out

Developer Elseware Experience and publisher Freedom Games have announced that their survival thriller, Broken Pieces, is now available on PC. A subsequent console release for PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One is planned for the 31st of October. The game is sold for $24,99 and features a 20% launch discount, with support for both English and French gameplay.

The game will see players controlling Elise throughout the village of Saint-Exil as she attempts to find her missing fiancé. During the story, players will have to solve puzzles and collect clues in order to uncover the truth behind the cult that has taken over the city. Alongside this, players will also have to survive shadow monsters with whatever weapons they find and Elise’s own strange powers.

“The mystery of Broken Pieces is out now and calls you all to solve it”, said Mael Vignaux, Project Lead of Elseware Experience. “The sense of isolation was our biggest focus and we have explored that in a number of ways one only can in video games. There is little to no background music, no NPCs to keep you company, just a portable camera that feels like it’s stalking you through the town. I think everyone can relate to that emotion and being able to convey what Elise is also feeling is something we hope people can really empathize with.”


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