Buckle up! A new gaming platform is in town!

How gaming platforms work is simple. You create a user, you log in, you buy a game and you play it. Now, there was the time when we were able to get a Demo of the game to try it out before buying the full game. That era is kind of over. I know you can watch streamers or YouTube videos of gameplay time of the games you’d like to purchase, but that’s not quite rewarding. Imagine there is another way to take a game to the test before investing money in the full game.

Plai – Pay as you Play. How is this different?

Well, the user’s journey through the platform is kind of the same, with a twist in the end. After you log in on Plai and you choose a game, you get the option to pay only for the time you play it. Let’s say you want to try out Epistory, but you don’t know if you’ll like it or not. On Plai you can download the game and you only pay for the time you play it until you reach the retail price. After that, the game is yours. Now, if you don’t like the game (it never happened, but there’s always the possibility) and you wish to stop after the first 10 minutes, you will only pay a couple of cents.  This is an excellent way of trying out games for almost no money.

As an example, for Epistory, the retail price game is €14.99. You can choose to buy the game from the beginning or to pay hourly at a rate of €3.00. So you can play for about 5 hours and after that, the game will be yours to play for as long as you’ll like.

The platform uses a wallet system that allows you to deposit money and also track your spending.

There is a wide variety of game genres on the platform right now, and more and more games are added every month. So, join us and try out our platform! Keep an open eye. A contest is about to begin!


As our platform grows and gamers are demanding more games, we would be interested in you, game developers willing to publish your awesome games on our platform. Contact us at support@goplai.com for more details.

What? That’s not all? If you like our games and would like to partner up with Plai and promote our platform, cristian@goplai.com is the place to discuss it further.

The Pay as you Play era is here! It’s Game time!

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