Bugs! (Wabbit) – Series Preview
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Bugs! (Wabbit) – Series Preview

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Whereas an older audience will be thrilled to see a new collection of episodes involving an iconic rabbit named Bugs Bunny, a younger audience will be surprised by the colourful and funny characters introduced in ‘Bugs!’.


Bugs is a really smart rabbit that loves to mess around with his less intelligent enemies, which usually results in quite the adventure. Luckily, he also has some nice friends who help him out; by working together they find themselves outsmarting their enemies in the most funny way possible!

Our celebrated ball of fur is reintroduced in this new animated series, created by Warner Bros. Making it his main goal to pester his archenemies, Bugs uses his cunning and skills to make every episode interesting and funny. With funny objects and close to impossible ways to get rid of his enemies, he will cause his fans to giggle throughout the episode. Not only do we meet old acquaintances, such as Yosemite Sam, but we will also get to know new allies. His new found squirrel friend, Squeaks, turns out to be just as smart as Bugs.


Each episode takes up about 5 minutes and consists of a single story. Due to the short duration, it’s ideal for those with a lack of concentration or for those who have little time. Watching several episodes will also remain fun and interesting, because every one of them is entirely different in which different characters will be starring. Black humour is the common thread running through the episodes.
The producers have put in quite the effort to provide the characters with different expressions, body language and such. Not only the characters are well drawn, but they’ve put in a substantial amount of time into the backgrounds as well. The voice actors are amazing; only slightly changing the way the original characters used to sound, they remain authentic. Even the traditional font in the credits hasn’t been altered; a minor detail which might excite true fans.


Bringing Bugs and all of his iconic friends and enemies back was probably a brilliant idea. Using new graphics and sound, but holding on to the original content, this animated series will be a huge success. Old fans will enjoy the nostalgia of old times, in which the Looney Tunes used to be a part of their own youths. They’ll be excited to share this experience with the younger generation,

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Bugs! (Wabbit) - Series Preview, 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings
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