Bullet Soul will shoot you to pieces

Bullet Soul will shoot you to pieces

If you’re looking for a shooter game with a twist, it might be a good idea to check Bullet Soul. You can destroy enemies close by and increase your multiplier while doing so. There are even some hidden bonuses, so it is a good idea to pump up that score. It is not available yet but you can already check some features you can expect:

  • 4 different modes, including both DLC from the Xbox 360 original
  • 3 different ships, and a hidden second loop, complete with true last boss on Normal Mode
  • Practice and perfect your score stage by stage in Bancho Mode
  • Race the clock and the world’s best scores in Caravan Mode
  • A fourth ship and further refined gameplay in Version B
  • Leaderboards divided by mode & ship with friend filters
  • Includes tate/vertical screen mode with X/Y scaling and smoothing
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Faster than lightning

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